Wings of Fury

When presented with the task of protecting a world you have to rely on others. When those alliances fall through how can you survive? Are you truly prepared for war?


2. Protectors

The Protectors had been the policing force of London for as long as anyone could remember. They were a group hidden from general society who seemed to come crawling from the woodwork late at night to patrol the streets and hold back any sort of supernatural occurrences. Blaze and Theo, along with five other friends, were the youngest Protectors of the current day and worked as a group to keep watch in the early hours of the morning in various shifts. This group of young fighters were some of the rare few who possessed abilities unexplainable by any form of nature. They were not of the magical blood lines of the Fey folk but instead carried fire in their veins that allowed them to take mastery over magic, much like the legendary warlocks. Using the powers they had been presented with they focused on keeping the Fey folk and Vampiric families behind the barriers that had been put in place to block them out of the everyday world. It was a dark world to live in, permanently fighting for the safety of the civilians as well as their own lives. When wars broke out between the supernatural worlds there was no one to help any of the species, no one to keep people alive. All the Protectors could do was hope that they were strong enough to not only protect the civilians but protect themselves too.

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