Wings of Fury

When presented with the task of protecting a world you have to rely on others. When those alliances fall through how can you survive? Are you truly prepared for war?


1. Prologue

“That is the single most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, Killick” Blaze muttered, matching his pace to his friend's as they made their way into the centre of town. “You cannot simply stride into the palace and remove the Fey queen from her throne.”
“I don't see why not, she's but a sprite of a woman. Literally.” Theo commented lightly, as if his suggestion was a perfectly acceptable action for a very late Saturday night.
“That is entirely irrelevant. It doesn't matter how much we may dislike her, and her us, we would be killed upon simply setting foot within the walls of the damn place!” Blaze scowled in response as he glanced warily around him. Wandering the town so late at night was quite a risk for the two men, what with the possibility of a war between the Fey folk and the Protectors lingering at the edges of society. With a worn sigh Blaze slid the sword clasped between his fingers back into its sheath and twisted to face his dark haired companion with a raised eyebrow. “There is no reason to provoke a war Theodore, there is too much risk of it as it is. We do not need to see streets awash with blood anytime soon. We are here to protect the civilians not to bring war directly upon their towns.”

“Maybe a war would make the people realise that there are other things in the world beside themselves! They have no knowledge of the Fey's existence as it is!”
“What you say may be true, Theo, but Idonia would never agree with the idea anyway. There is little point in even considering it. I'm sorry.” Blaze spoke with finality as he reached out to squeeze at Theo's shoulder before turning to continue the walk into town. They had a job to do.


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