Wings of Fury

When presented with the task of protecting a world you have to rely on others. When those alliances fall through how can you survive? Are you truly prepared for war?


4. Fury

Upon the break of noon the Protectors gathered once more in the main room of the falling-down house that had been presented to them on Stefan's seventeenth birthday. Still tired from the patrols of the previous night Theo and Idonia had slunk down the stairs just to throw themselves back onto the sofa. “Now now, falling asleep is not your greatest of ideas at this point in time.” Drew smiled as he bounded down to meet his friends; his normal grin was still plastered across his features despite the dark shadows beneath his eyes.

“Why not, we never have anything to do until about six in the evening anyway. What's the point?” Theo grumbled from where he hid on the sofa, dark eyes clouded with tiredness.

“You never know when a surprise may hit you.” Blaze chuckled as he carefully re-strung his longbow.
“Yeah, the sky might fall down.” Idonia responded swiftly.

“Quite unlikely but let's not rule it out. Besides, it's better to be up and training than lying around all day.” Blaze spoke with a kind tone, but his friends could tell that he was more than serious. There could be any sort of mishap during the day and they could be called away, they had to be prepared.


An almighty crash echoed through the house, ringing across the open rooms and up the silent staircases. With a start Blaze let the bowstring in his fingers snap back, watching as the arrow swung a curve a lodged itself to the left of the target hung on the wall. A soft sigh slipped through his lips and he carefully slotted a second arrow into place before making his way out of the training room and down the stairs. “What's going on?” he enquired as he stepped down into the cold entrance-room.

“Ask her.” Stefan mumbled, motioning towards the cloaked figure in the corner.

“Who are you?” Blaze was cautious as he walked forwards, eyeing the character before him warily.

“I'm sure you'd be able to answer the question.” the response was in a voice like windchimes, melodic but still edged with ice. The woman pulled her hood back and discarded her cloak to the side. Her skin glowed faintly green, eyes slit and coal black right through. Long, curving, wings of the darkest amber fluttered behind her, each edge tipped with a blade of silver. The Fey queen.

“Ma'am. What are you doing here, this is our territory.” Emerald showed no fear as she stepped to stand beside Blaze.

“I have something to say to you, and you should heed my words. Miss Iyner, step back. It is Blaze Gibbs I wish to talk to.”

“You're looking at Blaze Gibbs. Anything you say to me can be said in confidence before my comrades. Nothing is kept secret here, you should know that.” Blaze answered bluntly.

“Oh, very well.” the Queen's voice was soft but the sharp curve of her lips told otherwise. In a split second she was mere centimeters away from Blaze, her wings beating a blizzard behind her as she hovered above the floor; her lips were pulled back, as if in warning, showing row upon row of sharp teeth. Blaze staggered back a few steps the bow locked into place and the string taut within seconds. “You may think you're intimidating, Master Gibbs, but you are still a child of only seventeen. You are no match for what is to come, none of you are. We're tired of hiding, tired of keeping our pretences up and disguising ourselves just to set foot outside. The humans should know, they should worship us for we can do more damage than anyone would ever believe. The Protectors shall fall.”

“What do you mean? What are you saying?” Sofia asked quietly from the back of the now-armed group.

“I, Mordrell Esioh, Queen of the Fey folk of Londinium, am declaring war on the Protectors and their accompanying clans.” Mordrell declared before vanishing entirely from the spot. With a defeated sigh Blaze let his bow drop from his fingers and absently ran a finger down the deep scar running from his eye to his lip. He'd fought the Fey once before. No one would survive this.



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