A Hidden Secret

*Entry for City Of Bones Competition* .....Evelyn Porter is seeing things..Things that other people cannot see. She confides in her only friend , Sylvia, and tells her everything- from the nightmares, to what she is seeing and discovers a magical world of Demon Hunters. Their world is under attack by demons and Evelyn discovers she has a power, a power that can save the world of Demon Hunters and her own planet. But can she save them? Word Count: 1116


1. Visions.

Evelyn watched through the glass as she saw a tall woman in a black leather waistcoat pull a dagger from her belt. She had been seeing people like this for the last year and had told nobody about it. Evelyn gasped as the woman stuck the dagger into a Man's chest and the man recoiled , clutching where she had stuck the dagger.

Evelyn watched as the woman left the cafe and vanished."I must tell someone about this - about what I am seeing." She thought. As she walked down the familiar streets of London she screamed as something long and slimy crawled out from an abandoned house. It seemed to be mumbling something. "Human flesh , me want to eat." 

The thing had started to move towards her and she ran down the street, not looking behind her. As she ran all the way down Wentworth Street, the thing sprang at her, nearly knocking her off her feet. She ran for about fifteen minutes to get to her house, which felt like hours.

As she got to the front door, she looked around her and the thing was gone. She got in the front door , and her Mother was there waiting for her. "Are you ok Honey?" She asked as Evelyn fell into her Mothers arms, weeping. "What happened?"  "You didn't have an argument with Sylvia did you?" Her mother asked. "No , I saw something when I was on my way home - a monster."

"Oh Evelyn, her mother said as if she had been imagining it. "You were probably hallucinating or something honey."  "But Mom - she was cut off by a knock on the front door. She got up to answer it. It was her best friend,Sylvia. "Hey, are you coming out?" She asked as Evelyn wiped the tears off her eyes and got her coat from the hanger by the door.

"I need to talk to you" Evelyn said as she walked down the street to Sylvia's house. "Is something wrong?"Sylvia asked as they got to the front door. "No,everything's fine, I just need to talk to you is all" Evelyn said as Sylvia put her key in the lock. "Ok come up to my room and we can talk". 

"You see,I've been seeing things for the past year" Evelyn said, halfway through a mug of coffee. "People who dress in all black and kill people that only I can see."  "Did you tell your Mom?" Sylvia asked, with a confused look on her face. "Yes I have told my Mom and she said I was just hallucinating" Evelyn said. "I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about it. "You might want to see a doctor". Evelyn said goodbye to her friend and left.

As she was walking down the street to her house, she heard a very faint and distant noise. The noise came again, and she looked around and saw someone hiding in the bushes. A woman, with long blonde hair was calling her. Wait, how did the woman know Evelyn's name?

Evelyn walked over to the woman with a confused look on her face. "Hi, I'm  here to take you to the world you belong to". " Come with me", she said as she emerged from the bushes. A very small woman, with a petite build stood in front of Evelyn. She was very pretty too, she thought, as Evelyn watched the Woman's skin change from a peachy colour to a dark blue.

"Welcome to the Demon Hunter World" The woman said as she dragged Evelyn into the bushes.





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