A Hidden Secret

*Entry for City Of Bones Competition* .....Evelyn Porter is seeing things..Things that other people cannot see. She confides in her only friend , Sylvia, and tells her everything- from the nightmares, to what she is seeing and discovers a magical world of Demon Hunters. Their world is under attack by demons and Evelyn discovers she has a power, a power that can save the world of Demon Hunters and her own planet. But can she save them? Word Count: 1116


2. The Battle.

Evelyn had only been here two days and was feeling homesick already.After that woman,Cynthia, had dragged her into the bushes, she had felt different. She was in a room now, a dimly lit room with the walls painted black. She was supposed to be meeting the queen of the Demon Hunter World today, to learn how to fight properly and other stuff. She had a shower, got dressed and went to meet Cynthia.  

There was a woman waiting in the hallway with Cynthia, a very thin woman with silky black hair that fell to just below her shoulders. "Hello Evelyn , nice to meet you",the woman said as Evelyn shook her hand. "Cynthia here has told me all about you". She said. 

"I am the queen of this world, and you can call me Maria." 

"You have a power, and we need you to help fight in our battle against demons."  "What sort of power?" Evelyn said.  "A power that none of us Demon Hunters have."  "We need you for the Battle". "When is the Battle? Evelyn asked, surprised. We don't know,demons could attack our world right now."

Evelyn was woken by somebody shouting in her ear. "Get up,we don't have time!"  "The demons are coming to attack us!" It was Cynthia. Evelyn jumped out of bed, quickly put her clothes on and attached the weapons that Cynthia had given to her belt. She had a Dagger, a Sword and a whip.  Evelyn ran out of the room , following Cynthia. 

When they got out the front door there was  demons everywhere. "There's too many of them" Cynthia said as a demon jumped on Evelyn trying to attack her. Evelyn screamed and just about had enough time to pull her dagger from her belt and striked the demon on the back of the head.The demon recoiled, and turned into a type of green powdery dust that spread all over the ground. There was other Demon Hunters out fighting too. Some people injured, some barely able to fight, and some others fighting two demons at once. 

Evelyn Walked over to Cynthia, who was lying on the ground in a crumpled heap. "Cynthia" Evelyn whispered. "Cynthia".  Evelyn check for a pulse on Cynthia's wrist. Nothing. She was dead. Evelyn was walking over to an injured man, who was calling  for help, when a huge demon blocked her path. It was a purple - grey colour and had what looked like tentacles all over it's body.Evelyn struggled to get her whip from her boot. As she got the whip, the demon lunged at her, spraying a pungent green mucus all over her body. Evelyn screamed as the mucus burned her.It was like acid.

She looked up and saw the demon fall to the ground and turn into the green powdery dust. There was a man standing looking at her. "Are you alright?" He asked as he helped Evelyn to her feet. "Did you kill that demon?" She asked, surprised. "All the Demons are gone, Evelyn, he said. "You've done it." You've saved the World from all demons."

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