The Rising Angel

For the twenty four hour mortal instrument competition.
Rachel Bones is a fifteen year old angel. Sounds impossible. That's what she thought too.


1. The Rising Angel

If anyone had told me that such things like angels, vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures existed. Things you would find out a horror film actually existed. I would be the first one to say no. They did not exist. Well that was before I found out that I actually was an angel. Sounds impossible. That's what I believed. The parents which I believed were my parents were indeed super spies sent to protect me till I was fifteen. A week ago, I turned fifteen and my whole life came tumbling down. Being forced into a world where I'm hunted down. That's my world. Meet me Rachel Bones.


"Bam!" a gun shout echoes nearby.

I gasp immediately, then press my hands over my mouth. Wondering immanently if anyone would actually hurt a fifteen year old girl. But then again. I wasn't just a girl. I was an angel. Sounds stupid. That was what I thought. My parents were actually Lucifer. Yes Lucifer the fallen angel.  The one in the stories. What the stories didn't tell was that Lucifer had fallen for a woman. A woman named Jane. My mother. When they decided to have me. They knew that their would be loads of problems. No one wanted Lucifer to marry my mother. So of course they did not want their to be Lucifer spawn, and that's what I was. I guess I did not look like an angel. In stories angels are pale, with blue eyes and blonde hair and very skinny, and angelic. That was the total opposite of me. I had brown skin, black eyes and black hair to my waist, and was about average weight. But most of all a rebel. I fought for justice and good, and killed for it. Now, I was being hunted by the Shadows. The shadows are an elite band of rogues who are trained to kill angels. I know what your thinking. Who would do that? Well apparently they did. I waltzed through the  tree's.

Being camouflaged by my black top, and trousers. I naturally fitted in the woods. I held my sword in my hand. Remembering the order's words. Do not use unless an emergency. Well if getting killed was an emergency which it should be, and then I had to use it. I crept through the woods, my eyes hunting for my victim. Amongst the trees. I could see a guy. He could not be more then my age, and if I had to guess he was younger then me. I was disgusted. That the shadows had started training children who were not capable of choosing right and wrong. Instead of wielding a sword and hurting someone. The guy had dirty brown hair, and dark almond  eyes that scanned through the woods. The hunter was clad in a black clothing, similar to mine. But a speaking machine thing near his mouth. I knew that was where the hunters could speak to their fellow rogues. I glared at the hunter through the trees. If looks could kill. Then mine would. I flew through the trees till I was nearby to the hunter. I jumped right in front of the hunter. The hunter took out his pistol, and aimed it at me.

"I wouldn't do that. If I were you." I told him.

"And Why is that." the hunter snarled, cocking his head to the side, and clicking his gun.

I raised my arm, and watched the gun flew out of his hand. The hunter looked up confused, he itched his head, and then looked at me.

"How? What?" the hunter questioned.

"I give you one chance to escape. Now." I ordered.

"I'm not a scaredy cat." the hunter replied.

"A smart hunter is not a scared hunter." I replied.

The hunter came at me. I awaited at the right time. Then violently twisted his arm. I hit his leg, and watched his fall on the floor. The hunter looked at me, in fear. I guess he realized his time was coming.

"I hate stupid hunters." I exclaimed, slicing his neck.

I watched the hunter drop to the floor, his eyes closed. Blood stained on my hands. I wiped it on my trousers. Then turned around. I hated my job. Killing children my age. But knew that I had no other choice. Killed or be killed.

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