Kidnapped by my brothers best friends

Kayla Tomlinson, 16, is just an average girl living with her mom and 18 year old brother Louis Tomlinson. Louis has a best friend named Harry Styles, 18. Harry likes Kayla, but Louis gets into a fight with Harry and they are no longer friends. And when Louis goes away for a couple of weeks Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn kidnap her. What will happen?


1. Chapter 1

Kayla's POV:

I woke up to see that it was 8:30.  The sun was shining in through my windows. My mom wasn't home because her job as a flight attendant keeps her away for weeks at a time. Also when I was 14 my mom divorced my dad because he was an alcoholic and drug addict. I have a beautiful view of the lake we live on, but also a full view of Harry styles' house. Him and Louis have been best friends since day 1 of high school. He is at my house with us so much that it seems like I've known him my whole life. He is always awkward around me and makes perverted jokes. Also he gives me weird looks or winks at me, but I just take it as being friendly. 
"Harry...HAHAHAHA stop!!!!!" I yelled at harry while he was sitting on me tickling me. 
At that point Louis came down the stairs laughing at me along with Harry. "Whoa whoa whoa... Break it up you two" said Louis as he winked at Harry.  
"Say I'm the best and have the most perfect hair!!! I will keep tickling you until you say it!!!" Harry laughed and kept tickling me.
 "Okay...okay fine! Your the best and you have really curly hair!" I screamed at him while he was laughing at me.
 "Close enough" replied Harry as he slowly stopped tickling me. "Hmmm..." I cleared my throat. "Do you mind?!" I said with a smirk. Harry was still sitting on me on the couch in my living room. 
"Not at all" Harry said and winked. What is it with these two and winking at each other/me?! 

Harry's POV:

There I was sitting on Kayla in her living room with her trying to push me off of her. Louis was just standing back watching trying to hold in his laugh. 
"Harry! For the last time, will you please get off of me!" She said while laughing. 
"Nah, your comfy. I could just sit here all day." I said and winked yet again at her. 
"What is it with you and Lou winking like every five seconds at each other? It's getting creepy."
 I just laughed as a reply

Louis POV: 

So, I've known Harry for a while now, but lately he's been acting  "extra friendly" towards Kayla, my little sister. It seems that she's noticed too. I don't mean to bag on Harry he's a really nice guy, but I think I  should ask him why he's acting different.
 "Haha, come on Hazza leave the poor girl alone" I said with a slight smile. 
"Fine, what do you wanna do?" He asked me.
"Let's go up to my room and have some guy time."
"Sounds good to me!" Then he directed his attention to Kayla sitting on the couch just watching us.
"You're lucky Boo Bear was here to save you, or else you would've never got me off you." He said and turned back to me. "Let's go!"
I had a confused look on my face but then soon answered "Okay."

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