1. Eve

Blood was smeared across the dusty carpeted floor. Large red handprints decorated the walls and the desks and computers of the office had been knocked over or broken. Someone had struggled in here.

  Eve let out a tiny gasp at the sight. The careless splattering of the blood around her was enough to spark a small jolt of fear, instead of drawing her fangs out.

The hands holding her in place tightened, drawing a yell from Eve’s throat.

“You like what you see, bloodsucker?” said a sneering voice in her ear, “this is what happened to another one of your kind. This is what happened when he refused to go quietly. You wanna end up like this, bloodsucker?”

  Eve didn’t answer. The hands gripped tighter as he shook her violently. “Answer me! I said do you want to end up like this?”

“No.” She replied with as much calm as she could muster.

“Good. Sit.”

She was thrown onto the dusty floor, her arms still restrained behind her. She had been forced into a puddle of still slightly damp blood.  She made a noise of disgust and silently cursed the man holding her.

  The door at the end of the office opened, and another man came in. He was slim but muscular with gleaming red eyes, the mark of a half-demon. They were lonely creatures, unwanted by both parents. They had been trying to redeem themselves to demons lately by selling other creatures of the night to them.

“Another vampire?”

“Yes, Rex. She was caught helping the other escape.”

Rex’s face darkened with anger. He was obviously displeased that his security had been surpassed by a mere vampire. All it took was her silver knives to kill the werewolves guarding the cell of vampire and magicians.

Something in Rex’s eyes changed as he closely surveyed her face.

“What’s your name?”

“Eve,” she replied, expressionless.

“Oh, would you look at that! We’ve caught our own infamous little celebrity. We’ll get a good price for you poppet. Your days of being a meddlesome vigilante are over indeed.”

Eve looked down. She tried to breathe slowly to calm herself, even though oxygen was useless to her. Her dark hair hid her face from sight. She did not want those men to see her face. She did not want them to see her angered expression and figure out that she was currently finding a way to outsmart them. She did not want them to know that she will refuse to go down without a fight, because the night creatures needed her.

“All right, we’ll take her as well.”

Eve was brought to her feet again. She could feel the damp blood making her trousers sickeningly sticky. Her cold, grey eyes stared her captors up and down. She was as tall as them, maybe slightly taller, meaning that she could easily break from their grip. She would wait for the opportune moment, however.

 “Sorry darling,” the man restraining her said, “you’re pretty valuable to those demons, they like to shrink your heads and display them for decoration, you know.”

 “Really?” Eve replied her voice much stronger now, “Because I like to take half-demon eyes and turn them into pretty necklaces.”

  With a sudden surge of energy, she whirled round and sank her emerging fangs straight into her captor’s throat. She clamped her jaws tightly and felt him jerk as he yelled in pain. She twisted her head and ripped his throat clean off and then threw the body aside, a satisfied grin on her face. 

She didn’t know what she expected Rex to do, but she certainly did not expect him to stand quite still, almost growling at her with fury.

Eve raised one, thin eyebrow, swirled around the glob of blood that was in her mouth and angered him to breaking point by spitting it out right at his feet.

“Wrong move, bloodsucker!” he growled, diving for Eve as she rolled behind a broken desk. It was wrenched out of the way Rex’s strong hands and she jumped onto her feet. He leapt towards her and she rolled out of the way just in time. His strong fist clamped the fabric of her jacket and it was torn as she pulled herself out of his grip.

Eve ran across the lonely office and stood right in front of the glass window. She had a mad idea.

He came thundering towards her once more, and this time she let him tackle her. Their combined weight sent them both straight through the window. Rex yelled as Eve used her feet to push him away from her and then she somersaulted left so she could land safely in a crouched position. Rex wasn’t as lucky as he was hurled to the ground. He landed with much more force. Screams met her ears as the crowds of rowdy night-clubbers saw the crumpled heap which was once Rex on the floor. Eve jumped at the sound; she had forgotten that her city never sleeps.

Before a crowd could gather, several men dressed in black burst through the gathering and headed straight for Eve. Rex must have somehow alerted more of his kind, because they all had ominous red eyes fixed on her.

Eve sprinted off again. Even with the speed that was a gift to all vampires, she was still being closely followed. Her body didn’t tire out anymore, but she still found it mentally tiring to run for that distance, soaring past people in the street and turning sharp corners to try and shake them off. Usually Eve would make fun of the way that humans notice nothing of her world, yet now that she was on the run, every single one of them had horrified looks on their face.

Now she was scared.

Two half-demons? No problem. It became a problem when there were about half a dozen on her trail at the same time, all intent on destroying her with the guidance of the fearful public to point them to their direction.

She ran past all of the closed shops, avoided the obstacles of stacked chairs outside restaurants and stared straight ahead. She did not want to think about how close they were right now.

She allowed herself a quick twist of the head to see that they were very far behind. Perhaps her speed did have a good advantage.

She turned into an alleyway and crouched behind a foul-smelling bin. She brought her legs up and hugged her shins, waiting for them to find her or to give up.

If they want to fight, she thought, it would be better in this closed alleyway, where they can only attack at about two at a time because of how narrow it was.

She heard pounding footsteps at the mouth of the alley, and sighed with relief as they passed without hesitation.

“Hang on a minute,” one of them said, retracing his steps, “I thought I heard something.”

A jolt of panic ran through Eve. She had sighed too loudly.

She supposed it would lead into a fight anyway, so she stepped out from behind the bin and met the man face to face.

He said nothing, only set a scowl on his face and walked steadily towards her.

Eve examined her surroundings, planning attacks. She noticed that they all carried small knives, a treat for Eve who had steadily perfected the art of knife throwing since becoming a vampire and gaining super vision.

“She’s here!” the man yelled.

Eve flung her long dark hair out of her face and set her face into a scowl as well. She wanted to look as intimidating as possible. She let her fangs out again and bared them in a grimace as five other men appeared.

“Let’s get down to business, gentlemen,” she growled. Eve crept slowly towards them to arouse their suspicion, and then without warning she ran up the side of the walk next to her and grabbed the knife of the nearest half-demon. She flung it and it hit him right in the middle of his forehead, killing him instantly.

She had no time to gloat her success, however, as another came charging for her. She blocked his attempts and getting to her throat, eventually grabbing his hand and sinking her teeth into his arm. He yelled and tried to draw his arm back, resulting in flesh being torn.

Eve kicked him straight back into a man stood behind him, and he fell straight onto the knife the other had held out in defence.

She speedily picked up a dropped knife and hurled it straight into the heart of the man who held the knife that killed another, and he dropped to the floor in agony as well.

She caught a knife that had been thrown at her and sent it back in the direction it came in. It met its target straight between the man’s ribs. He staggered backwards and tripped on the small mound of bodies behind him. He fell clumsily to the garbage-strewn floor.

A sharp pain made her yell, and she whirled around to find another man behind her so she threw her arms out and clasped his head in her hands. With a strong and steady jerk, she twisted his neck right round, snapping it and killing him.

The last man stopped in his tracks as he stepped on one of the fallen men. He looked at his knife, and then at Eve, and then stared at the floor with a kind of hopelessness.

“Do you want to live?” Eve asked.

He didn’t speak and only nodded his head slowly.

“Then I suggest you go back to the city and you set free any other vampires you keep captive.”

He ran away without confirming whether he would or not. Even didn’t worry, however. She would check in good time. It was her job to protect the night creatures.

Eve sat amongst the dead bodies, unsure with what to do with herself for now. She picked up a knife and twirled it in her long fingers, debating whether or not to leave the corpses alone.

After all, their eyes did make pretty necklaces.

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