There's a hope.

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss and have fought their way out of the depths. Such people have an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness and a deep loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen.
Us, we never read between the lines. We believe what we see, we trust what we hear. We never know what lies behind the story of that one people we keep criticizing. Ever wonder why this world has become a home of pessimists and racists?
This world has suddenly become an ugly place because of people like you, like me. Our hearts are terrible, self-centered. Our minds are negative. There isn’t a word in the world that could describe how ugly life gets for an insecure person. Stop taunting, stop that racism.
Change yourself or else you’ll just regret it in your last days.


1. Her mistake? She expected.

She ran. She just kept running alone in the crowd. They stared at her, but she had courage. She kept running and running till she reached the place where she wanted to be. It was her very own best friend, a friend who had been there from the rise and fall for 15 years. She had now become one of the very few iconic young music artists of the country. Tess wanted nothing in return but just to not miss her best friend’s sixth concert, she lied to her parents and came all the way from Dallas to Los Angeles. But for Alex Brandeis it wasn’t such a big thing, was it?

Alex wasn't a hard nut to crack but with fame, she had just become so self-centered. Tess had been there for her no matter how bad the times were. Tess bought her the first guitar of her whole damn life. Didn’t she remember it all?

Well, she didn’t. As Tess came close to Alex, all the people started asking her, ‘’is this girl your best friend, Alex?’’ Tess smiled so brightly but it got so dull when Alex said, ‘’She can’t be. Look at her clothes!’’

Everyone laughed at her. They literally joked about Tess in front of her. Her smile had been wiped off in a second, that bright and beautiful smile just went away because of that one terrible comment by her so-called best friend. So slowly, she went away.

In a few days, she came back to Dallas. ‘’Where the heck were you, Tess?’’ her mother yelled at her as she got back home, ‘’isn’t it obvious that you’re running out of our hands now?’’ Her mother continued.

Tess totally ignored and went in her room. She dropped the suitcase and sat on the floor, she began to look at the floor and then she looked at the walls, & she again, set her sight on the floor. ‘’Oh, so I’m the floor & Alex, now she’s way up from here’’.

A teardrop fell from her eyes, ‘’I mean, look at my clothes, this isn’t even some brand. Wow. I thought Alex was the kind of person who’d always be there for me and hey guess what? She made the whole crowd laugh at me today. The joke is on you, Tess McCarthy. You are a loser with a capital L’’. Then she cried so loudly that even her mother heard it. She tried to open the door but the door was locked so she yelled, ‘’Tess!’’ no reply. ‘’Tess! Why are you crying?’’

But Tess didn’t reply. She didn’t choose to reply. She wanted to be alone. As the tears flooded from the eyes, ‘’and maybe I expected too much’’, she said.

Yes, she did care about what people would be thinking about her at that moment. It affected her. She had that whole scene going on in her mind. She wanted that tape in her head to stop but it wasn’t possible. Not at all…

The next morning, Tess woke up and rushed downstairs to get her toothbrush from the other bag she took to L.A. What she saw was her mom and a few robbers that were holding a gun and Tess just stopped right there. They asked for money, they kept yelling at her mom’s face, ‘’Where is the money?’’ Her mother came upstairs but Tess hid behind the cupboard. Her mother got all the saved money from their cupboards and took the money downstairs. She gave it all to the robbers. Tess could only wish her dad could see what was happening at that moment but her dad wasn’t alive to see it.

Tess heard screams. A fierce voice, she heard it and it clearly said, ‘’we’ll have to kill you anyway!’’

Tess started counting the seconds.

She was on mute and suddenly a bullet went right through her mother’s head.

It was 20 seconds.

Tess put a hand on her mouth because a scream was forcing to get out from her body. She cried so hard, it was terrifying. Tess didn’t know what to do. She kept standing behind the cupboard & what she heard were the footsteps of those men. They were coming upstairs, Tess was on mute. She was terrified. She wanted to scream, her face was all red, and tears covered her eyes and her cheeks. She was sweating. The robbers searched the place and they luckily didn’t notice Tess.

Then they went away with all the money and all the precious things they could possibly find. As Tess heard the door being slammed, she got out and started screaming. She ran downstairs, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her own mother was lying in front of her with blood all over the floor. ‘’What was her fault?’’ Tess screamed while crying. Two hours went by, and Tess was still there looking at her mother, talking to her mother, talking to a dead body.

Suddenly Tess saw some men through the window, ‘’It could possibly be the robbers again’’ she thought to herself.

She took that bag of hers and ran away from the backdoor just to save her life.

But where would she run?  A 16 old girl whose mother had been killed in just 20 seconds, what was she supposed to do?

She stared at the ground and kept walking with dead silence. She didn’t speak a word. Her eyes decided to shed tears for a long time or till the day she died. What she saw nearby was a public bathroom. She went in there, and started staring at her face in the mirror.

Then, for no reason she searched in her bag and she found a pair of scissors, she took it out and started chopping her hair off! She cut them to the length of her chin.

And then ‘’Do you need to live anymore?’’ she asked to her reflection in the mirror.

Suddenly, a 50-year old woman spoke gently, ‘’Yes you do my child’’.


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