High school Love (niall horan fan fic) (not famous)

It's about young love, will it last forever?


2. chapter 2

Another day, that means time to get up in the morning...but good news is that i will see Niall today..and the lads too.I get up and do my morning rountine..go downstairs mom wasn't there , she went to office,i didn't eat anything i just grabbed my bag and phone and walked to school.I finally got to school and went to my first class as i was already late.my first class was english. I walked i, the teacher wasn't there , i saw niall and he said "hey come here" i walked towards him."hey" i said.."sit here .next to me" niall said.."ok sure" i smiled..english ended..the day went by very quickly..i was very tired.

i went home, my mom wasn't there.she wasn't coming for lunch ..i know that for sure.

i ate my lunch, and went to sleep.

after 5 hours i woke up wow. that's weird..i checked my phone and saw that it was a text from niall..i quickly opened it..it said


hey..wanna watch a movie or something?


yeah sure, what time?


umm now..and can we do it at your place


yeah sure :D


yeah , see u in 10 :D


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