High school Love (niall horan fan fic) (not famous)

It's about young love, will it last forever?


1. 1 day

Hey, my name is Darcy Smith..today is the first day of high school. yep i'm a freshman..i go to STONE BRIDGE HIGH SCHOOL...I need to get ready but but don't want to get out of this comfy bed..ughh i need to get up. I get up ..go to the washroom wash my face, brush my teeth and take a nice hot shower..then i get out dry my hair and walk into my room ..i open my closet and take out shorts and a crop top to wear with sandals. i went downstairs to see my mom cooking breakfast.i grab some pancakes and said "good morning mom", "good morning sweetie" mom said. I quickly ate the pancakes and said goodbye because i was late for school.


once i went to the office to  get my time table..i went for my first class and it was drama..i went to the classroom and introduced myself and Mr.walker said to sit next to Niall, he's blonde,cute. i was excited for today ..i don't know why..when the class ended Mr.walker asked Niall to show me around..and fortunately he said yes..yes i was excited. He was so sweet, kind and everything.


now it was lunch..niall and i had same classes.

"hey darcy" i turn around to see niall calling me."yeah niall?".."do you wanna sit with me and my friends?" "yeah sure"."k come with me"..i follow him and we stop at a table where 5 boys are sitting.."hey lads this is darcy,she's new here" "darcy.he's harry ,he's liam , louis ,zayn and josh" harry had curly hair, liam shaved his head, zayn was tan, and louis had blue eyes and josh was..white. "hey" i was shy..they said "hey" . "so, tell me bout yourself darcy" harry said.."well,i'm darcy smith and i love to dance,sing ..my fav sport is soccer" "you like soccer?" niall asked suprised..."yes" i said proudly.

it was the end of the day..and it was amazing..he boys and i exchanged phone numbers.

I love this school.


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