Pure-Blood Gryffindor

Jamie-Leigh, or Jamie to her friends, has got a new letter. She usually only gets letters from her dad. She's classes herself as smart and she studies for tests that shes not even sure will happen soon. Her Mother and Father were in Ravenclaw. She will Probably be aswell. Her friend Luna is going up to Hogwarts this year with Jamie. Jamie's a Pure-Blood. She's afraid of things that threaten her family. And she's afraid of the boy...


5. Sole mate number two?


"Draco!?!" I asked smiling. He turned and looked at me and Luna. 

"Hello!" He exclaimed nodding to the seat opposite to show we were welcome. I sat opposite by the window and Luna sat beside me. "How are you?!?" I asked quickly. 

"Good, now." He explained, "how about you two?" 

"We're good!" Me and Luna told him at the same time.

"good!" He said smiling.

"Why are you on your own Draco?" I said frowning.

He frowned right back, "I don't know many people yet..." And with that the door flew open.

"HI!" Yelled a cute ginger boy, I felt myself blush and he grinned, "George Weasley!" He held out his hand to me.

"Jamie - Leigh Raven!" I said shaking his hand and his twin im guessing came to the door. 

"Hey Luna! Hello stranger im Fred!" I laughed at his statement.

"Im Jamie - Leigh Raven!" I exclaimed, i realised I was still holding George's hand and he saw me staring and twirled me towards him. "Yes?" I asked as i got directly infront of his face. 

"Wanna meet up later?" He asked curiously..

"Ok..." I started but he cut me off. 

"Here's a map, to open it tap your wand on it and say 'I solemnly swear i am up to no good' and to hide anything inside it and close it say 'mischief managed'" he whispered the instructions and with that both the twins kissed me on either cheek and ran out the door. As i turned to Luna I heard Fred shout, "GET IN THERE GEORGE!!! Lee keep the tarantchula inside!" 

I felt myself blush and i put my map away. I felt Draco stare at me. "What???" I asked curiously.

"Your hair has turned bubble gum pink and you've now got heart shaped freckles all over your nose and under your eyes." He stated with a sour taste in his voice. 

"Awwww is somebody jealous!?!?" I exclaimed teasing him and giving him a hug at the same time.

"Nooooo!" He said, hugging me back yet he started tickling me again and looked at my eyes and turned away. "Oh! What noooow?!?" I asked rather annoyed. 

"Your eyes changed colour when you looked at George." He rasped. 

Oh my god. How could this have happened?!?

"im getting changed." I stated and took off my blue jacket and slipped my Robes over my red form fitting top and skinny jeans. I was so glad I looked down and saw my shoes were covered. I had been wearing bright red Lee Cooper converse.

While i sat next to Luna who had already put her robes on i thought to myself ' How on earth can i have TWO sole mates?' 

Once Draco was changed i took him to the side while Luna went out to the Food cart that was ten compartments away. "Draco i don't understand this at all!" I started and he looked away, "but I know that when im with you im happy but im like that with George aswell and I don't really want to think about relationships now." I ended.

He nodded his head and looked at me again, "OK. I understand but i just want you to know one thing." 

"Yes?" I breathed.

"You are the most confusing girl ive ever met and i will stand by you no matter what!" He told me as he hugged me. I hugged him back and sat back down waiting for the train to stop. 

-----TIME SKIP -----

"Come on Draco!" I called as me and Luna ran off the train. "Firs' Years follow me!!" I heard a giant of a man call out so i grabbed Luna and Draco and pushed through the crowd until we got to the front. "Here we go!" I whispered to Draco and he held my hand as he started walking...

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