Pure-Blood Gryffindor

Jamie-Leigh, or Jamie to her friends, has got a new letter. She usually only gets letters from her dad. She's classes herself as smart and she studies for tests that shes not even sure will happen soon. Her Mother and Father were in Ravenclaw. She will Probably be aswell. Her friend Luna is going up to Hogwarts this year with Jamie. Jamie's a Pure-Blood. She's afraid of things that threaten her family. And she's afraid of the boy...


2. Ollivanders.


im gonna screw with mum. I'm a Metamorphagmus so im going to change my appearance. I changed my hair from a blonde pixie crop to a brunette (with blonde highlights) to shoulder length and dark red eyes. I ran downstairs and grabbed mums arm. She looked at me and laughed then she apparated us both to Diagon Alley in front of Ollivanders.

"name?" He asked.

"Jamie-Leigh Raven." I answered with a curt nod. I saw him have a knowing look and brought out three wands. "Try them!" He insisted. I tried the one on the left and as soon as I picked it up he snatched it and put it down again. I tried the one on the right and broke a window. I tried the one in the middle and the window fixed itself and a turquoise blue most appeared in my mind. (Turquoise is my favourite colour.) "ahhhhh 10 inches, Willow, Unicorn Hair core!" He smiled to himself as I paid him.

"well that was fun!" I whispered as i saw a boy with blond hair stop and stare at his wand then at me as he exited Ollivanders after. He must've been behind us....




sorry for the short chapter!!!! :/ my iPods dying!!!!! Will write soon! :D love you Bomble Bees! ;) xxxxxzz

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