Vampire in the Shadows.

This is for the 24 Hours in the City of Bones competition.


1. Before the Change

I sat in class, tapping my pen against the table, a monotone beat tapping out the seconds until class ended. It was the last hour of the school week and the excitement for the weekend was tangible. There was a party tonight that was being held at a new club in town that was owned by a sixth former whose parents owned it and the entire school had been invited. It had been the school's collective topic of conversation for the duration of the week, and I was just as excited as everyone else. Finally the bell rang and everyone rushed out of the door, our teacher too overwhelmed by the sudden mass of moving bodies to bother reprimanding anyone. The weekend was finally here.


I coated my lashes in ebony mascara, impatiently brushing my newly curled hair out of my face with my other hand. I was clothed in a black lacy dress and an acid wash denim jacket. My neck was bare and exposed and I contemplated clasping a delicate silver necklace around my pale flesh, but decided against it. I didn't want to risk losing it – tonight had to be perfect.


I walked through the streets of London, making sure I stayed under the safety of the streetlights.


The music pounded against my skull, invading my senses and controlling my being, encouraging me to sway along to the harsh beat. The room was packed with people from wall to wall, and their different scents mingled in the air – deodorant, perfume, hairspray and sweat – to create a scent unique to parties. I could barely discern individual faces due to the neon blue and purple lights that danced around the club. However, when I saw him, I couldn't miss his.


He had wild hair that stuck up in all directions yet still looked professionally styled. His eyes were piercing, a cobalt blue. He wore skinny jeans and a blazer and he expertly weaved his way through the crowd towards me. I was transfixed by him, this total stranger.

He reached me and wordlessly stroked my neck. I opened my mouth to ask his name, who he was, why he came to me, but I never uttered a thing. My vision went black and a feeling of weightlessness surprised me, before I descended into nothingness.

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