The Human Zoo

When 16 year old Tiffany is adopted, she doesn't know that her parents own a false organization of Human Zoos, or places where people are trapped and forced to perform. When she is sent away to a larger Human Zoo, she refuses to perform, and she soon realizes it isn't a choice. Then she meets Lena, her "cell mate". They're forced to dress up everyday and pretend to swim and laugh. But Lena has an idea that might free everyone in the Human Zoo, or kill them


2. The Second Human Zoo

I wake up in a cold room, but I’m in a white dress, tied to a chair. My breath is shaky, and then a sudden purple light comes down from the stage, onto me.

“What’s going on?” I try to yell, but it comes out a whisper. Then a man dressed in tight tights, and a tight shirt comes down from the sky using invisible wires.

“I’ll save you, Samantha!” he says, and then I see the audience. They are all wearing T-Shirts or flags that say Northwind Human Zoo! That’s where I am, I’m at a new Human Zoo. I realize that this man is pretending to be a super hero. I look to my left, and see a buff man staring at me, and suddenly a ear piece in my ear goes off; “Welcome to Northwind, now, show me what you got”

I feign terror, and the man in tights comes over and unties my hands. He then “flies” me to the catwalk on top of this stage, and directs me to the stairs. I run down them, and the buff guy leads me down a hallway while I hear the guy in tights fights the “evil villain”. The buff guy throws me into a cell, with a toilet in one corner, a portable music player, a mini fridge, and a microwave. There’s also a few magazines.

I shudder. Then I look at a note taped to the bed;

Welcome to the Northwind Human Zoo, where being held captive is fun! You are going to do what we say, or die. You really need to do what we say. Your roles are going to be; mermaid, convict, nurse, and even possible a runaway slave. You are also going to be sharing a room with Lena Cher, another captive. Also, if you tell anyone, (we don’t know how you would but its happened before) we will kill you, that person and any of their close family and friends. Thanks for listening,

                                          Bill King,

                                             Owner of the Zoo!

I threw the note into a wall, then cried for the rest of the night. I cried right through my bed sheets. What I didn’t know is that tomorrow is really when the horror started.


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