Confused, Love, Jealousy, Oh My (Sequel to Forgetting Your Name)

*Please read my first book Forgetting Your Name* Olivia is back and more confused then ever. She is becoming jealous of girls the guys are hanging out with and is falling for someone else. Will Liam and her last or will one crumble under pressure.


20. What Goes Around Comes Around

After having to run home since the boys decided to leave without me and it started to storm I was pissed. I ran up to my room soaking wet when I heard Liam crying. I couldn't' t help, but go see what's wrong. No matter what that boy does to me I will always love and care for him. I knocked and he hesitantly told me to come in. I just walked in, didn't say a word and sat down on the bed next to him. "Sh-she cheated on me. I-I ju-just can't believe it." He said in between sobs. I wanted to say what goes around comes around and I knew this would, but that wasn't going to do anything. It won't make me feel better and it surely won't make him feel any better. I hugged him and held him close. "I'm not crying cause she cheated. I'm crying cause this is what I did to you. I made you feel like nothing and less than what you are. You are one in a million and I'm an idiot for not seeing that." I couldn't do anything or say anything I just held him tighter.

(a/n Sorry I haven't been on in awhile soccer and school have been controlling my life. Hope you enjoy and I love you all)  

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