Confused, Love, Jealousy, Oh My (Sequel to Forgetting Your Name)

*Please read my first book Forgetting Your Name* Olivia is back and more confused then ever. She is becoming jealous of girls the guys are hanging out with and is falling for someone else. Will Liam and her last or will one crumble under pressure.


2. Sunset and Feelings

"You shouldn't litter Olivia" Harry said from behind me causing me to jump. "Jesus Harry I forgot you were even here." He laughed "So are you going to tell me why you were throwing those pieces of paper in the ocean" "I guess." We took a seat in the grass and stared out into the sunset. "All of those papers held my feelings and emotions and just things I would say to my mom and Cody" I told him. "Ohh." "So how are you and Bailey" "I broke up with her. She was saying shit about my best friend." "How could someone say something bad about Louis."Not Louis. You" I felt something tingle in my stomach. "You consider me your best friend." "Well duh!!" He grabbed me and hugged me. I laughed and hugged him back.  "So how are you and Liam" He asked when we pulled apart. "Good I guess" I said "Why I guess" "Well he is always busy and we it's like we never hang out anymore." "That's what happens when you date a celebrity" "I know, but every time I ask him what he did or where did go he just brushes me off like I never asked." He was just as confused with Liam's actions as I was. "Really that doesn't sound like him." He said "I know. I just want the old Liam back" "I understand" We were sitting down watching the sunset when I got a text from Liam. Hey where are you-Liam   At the lake-Olivia Hurry up and get back we are going out for dinner-Liam What do you mean by we-Olivia You , me , Madisynn, and the rest of the guys-Liam I got a little upset I really thought Liam was taking me out to dinner, at least Madisynn will be there. Alright I'm heading home now-Olivia "Harry we have to head home. We are all going out to dinner." I said nudging Harry and standing up. I helped Harry up and we headed home. "Finally" Niall said when we waled in. I ran up to Madisynn and gave her the biggest hug. I haven't seen Madisynn since the day her and Niall moved out. I then gave Niall a hug since I've missed him too. "So are we ready to go" Liam said whiling putting his arm around me. We headed out and went to Nando's. We were all laughing and having a good time when Liam got a call. Liam would usually just take the call right in front of everyone, but this call he went outside and then answered it. I tried to just brush it off, but this feeling just lingered there. Madisynn knew something was wrong so she told me to come with her to the bathroom. "What's up with you" She asked once we were in the bathroom. "I don't know it's just Liam has been acting different lately." I said while putting on a little more makeup. "I'm sure it's probably nothing" she said reassuringly "I know, but I just can't help to think that maybe he is cheating. You know the whole once a cheater always a cheater." "Don't be ridiculous Liam wouldn't do that again because he knows I will beat his ass if he did" I laughed "You're right. I've missed you so much" We hugged. "Olivia and Madisynn we are getting ready to leave so lets go." Liam called into the bathroom "I didn't even get to finish my food" I said even though I wasn't really in the mood to eat it. "I have somewhere I have to be though" He seemed a little impatient. "You guys go ahead and leave me and Olivia will just get a taxi" Madisynn said a little angrily. "Alright" He said and left. We walked out of the bathroom and over to the table. I pushed my plate to the side. I completely lost my appetite. We were just sitting there when I broke down. Madisynn came over and calmed me down enough that people stopped staring. "Come on. Lets go out. We haven't had a girls night in forever!" I smiled "Lets do it!" 

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