The boyfriend games <3

This movella is my first so i hope it is worth to finish it.
Ariana is 18 and she got a letter and it said she be in the boyfriend games so will she get to be a girlfriend to one of the sexy boys (one direction)


2. Arriving...:D


Ariana's POV

I was just about to board the plane but then my best friend, Marlie come running towards me like she hasn't seen me in 3 years. "Hey Ariana , are you in The boyfriend games?" She asked"Yeah are you?"I replied

"Of course I am, shall sit next to each other?" "Sure!" We boarded our plane and setted off.



We were here.In L.A. Me and Marlie sat in the cab we called and drove to the house which we would be staying in.Once we were there, we gasped for air as we stared at the beautiful, huge house (which really looked like a mansion) .We grabbed our bags and made our way over to the front polished door. The door opened to a man I think was the host he said "Welcome please come and stand in line with the other" while leading us to the line of pretty ladies,he stood in front of us  "Ladies welcome to the house you'll be staying in it until you get  disqualified your gone but if you make it you'll be the gilrfriend to one of the members of one direction,  so stay kind and nice and these men will be filming the show."he said while pointing to men in  the corner."Now go and choose your room!"he ordered. All the girls ran upstairs, me and Marlie got a green coloured room with double sized beds and wooden furniture, we dragged our suitcases and started unpacking.

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