The boyfriend games <3

This movella is my first so i hope it is worth to finish it.
Ariana is 18 and she got a letter and it said she be in the boyfriend games so will she get to be a girlfriend to one of the sexy boys (one direction)


1. The Letter <3


Ariana POV

I woke up to the sound of the post clattering through the letterbox leaving a loud noise. I stumbled out of my warm comfy bed and walked sleepily towards the post near the door. I looked through the letter, bills, bills, bills until I saw a  letter with a red ribbon around the centre. I carefully took off the ribbon and opened the letter. The letter said..

Dear Ariana,

We are proud to say that you have been chosen to take part in The boyfriend games. You'll be saying at the house in L.A. One direction will be meeting you the day after you come.

Good luck

The boyfriend games manager


I screamed and ran to my room, searching for clothes for the The boyfriend games. I packed my stuff and drived to the airport...

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