Fallen Angels

Harper Allen was an ordinary teenager, that is until very recently. Down in the darkest area of Seattle, Washington, in an old boat on the famous port is an army of 'Fallen Angels'; a group of angels from another world determined to take over our one. Armed with an injection that makes normal humans sprout angel wings, they are unstoppable. But once Harper gets turned into a Fallen Angel herself, will she have the power to be able to stop them? For the City of Bones competition.


3. The Beginning

"Mom! Help me up the slide!"

I stared with a cat-like gaze at the blond-ringleted girl who was shoving her fat little fingers in the air with a determined frown on her face. 

"What do you say, honey?"

"Please," the girl sighed irritably, stamping her pink jelly shoe on the tarmac as her mother grabbed her from under the waist and swung her on top of the rusted slide. The rain had slowed to a drizzle and I swallowed the rising lump in my throat as the girl's frown was replaced my an explosion of laughter as her mother tickled her chubby belly. "Mommy!" The girl shrieked, "I'm hungry."

My dagger protruded from under my belt as I let out a breath, and I quickly returned it.

The mother sighed, shaking her head. "I've brought you a snack, Chloe." She walked towards the bench on the other side of the playground where a couple of grocery store bags sat, drowning in the rain. I looked from her to Chloe. Now was my chance. Sweat leaked endlessly down my forehead like blood. I was biting down so hard on my tongue that there was a potent rust taste on my lips. I swallowed. In less than two hours, Chloe was going to be like me. Writhing in agony on the operating table while the Godfather sewed her coal-black wings to her tiny shoulders. Having to go out, like me, and murder other children just to keep the Fathers happy. I couldn't do it.

I wouldn't do it.

I remembered the words that the Fathers had spoken on the first day I woke up after the operation. About the dangers of running away. Telling me about how your wings would burn and disintegrate, taking you with them. How abandoning ship was literally committing suicide. I stared at Chloe as her Mom returned with a candy bar, the love pouring from her eyes as she looked on her daughter, cute and chubby and... free.

Helpless tears began to pool in my eyes. I thought about my Mom, how I loved her so much even though she wasn't here, how much I ridiculed her from believing in angels when they did actually exist.

I stared at Chloe.

I stared at the Seattle sky, at the God I wasn't sure was even there.

I stared at myself and the monster I had become.

And I ran.

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