Rose has been quiet all her life. She has a mysterious past that has something to do with everyone to hate her. But what happens when five new boys move into town and starts to take an interest in her?


2. Well This is Awkward...

Niall's POV

I couldn't stop thinking about Rose. Why doesn't she talk much? What's her story? Why doesn't she have friends? Why is she so beautiful?? I have to find out more about her.

Harry's POV

Rose is so beautiful. I really like her, but I think the other boys like her too. He is the one who met her first, and he would not stop blabbering about her. I won’t let it bother me. I always get the girl.

Louis’ POV

I can’t stop thinking about Rose. She is so beautiful. I know that the other boys like her too; I can tell. But I'm not giving up on this one.

Zayn’s POV

Why can’t I get Rose out of my head?? There's something about her... I can't even explain it. She's just... irresistible.

Liam’s POV

We walked Rose home from school, since she just lived down the street from us. After watching her walk inside, we went down the street to our own house. As soon as we got inside, Harry said: “So who here has a crush on Rose?”

“Why do you ask that mate?” I asked, sort of confused. The boys can't like her too, she's mine.

“Cause I like her, and I want to know who I’m up against,” he replied, like it was common sense.

“I like her, and I never get the girl, you always do. Can’t I just have her this one time?” Niall pleaded.

“Hey, I like her too!” Zayn said.

“What about me, I like her!” Louis said.

Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Louis started yelling at each other, and it sounded like it would be a while before this fight would end. I didn’t want to get into it, so I didn’t tell them that I liked her too.

I walked back outside, grabbing the car keys. I still need to buy Rose some footy-pajamas for tonight. It’s a tradition for anyone who comes to movie night to wear them.

After 5 minutes of driving, I arrived at the store. I walked in, and went to the pajama section. After a bit, I found the perfect one. They were blue with adorable little pandas and polka dots.

I payed for them, and drove home. When I walked inside, the rest of the boys were still fighting downstairs. Suddenly, there was a quiet little knock on the door. It was Rose.

“Hey Rose! Here, let’s go change into our footies, and watch a movie!!” I said, handing her the pajamas.

She smiled and nodded, taking them in her hands. Then she pointed to the stairs, looking a bit confused.

“Let’s just say they’re fighting over a girl,” I said, understanding what she meant. She shrugged her shoulders, and I showed her upstairs. I watched her walk into the bathroom and shut the door, before I walked to my room and put on my own footies.

When I came out of my room, I saw Rose sitting on the stairs. She looked like she was going to cry.

“Hey, it’s ok, they’ll shut up eventually,” I joked, sitting down next to her.

She shrugged, a tear falling down her cheek.

“Oh, it’ll be ok, why does this bother you so much?” I asked, wrapping her up in a hug.

“It’s a long story,” she whispered, and I hugged her tighter.

“Come on, let’s put a stop to this, they’ll shut right up when they see that you’re here,” I reassured, grabbing her hand and pulling her down the stairs. We got to the bottom, and the boys didn’t even notice us, because they were so wrapped up in the fight. Rose wiped her tears away with her sleeve.

“Oi! Rose is here and you’re scaring her!” I yelled, and Rose flinched at my voice. The boys turned to her and went silent, and I squeezed her hand.

“Go put your footies on, and I’ll start the movie,” I said, my voice softening. She relaxed, and the boys walked up the stairs, shame and embarrassment on their faces.

“What do you want to watch tonight?” I asked Rose once the boys were out of ear-shot.

She shrugged, and I led her over to our piles of DVDs.

“Since you’re new to movie night, you get to choose,” I said, flashing a sincere smile at her. She pointed to Les Miserables, and I put it in the movie player. Why do we have this movie again? Oh yeah, Harry watches it when he has girls over.

I sat next to her, taking a chance by putting my arm around her. She slowly rested her head on my shoulder and relaxed herself. Soon enough, the boys came downstairs in their footies, glaring at me as they sat as close to Rose as possible.

‘That’s what you get for fighting,’ I mouthed to them, and they glared at me again.

We watched the movie, and I comforted Rose when she cried at the sad parts.

By the end of the movie, Rose was fast asleep in my arms.

“Wake her up, she’s gotta go home,” Harry said, reaching for her shoulder.

“No, let her sleep,” I replied, swatting his hand away and cuddling her closer.

The boys angrily stomped up the stairs, so loud that they woke up Rose. She stretched her arms out, and almost hit me in the face.

“I should probably get going,” she said, surprisingly louder than usual.

“No, you can stay. It’s cold, and this isn’t the best neighborhood, you know,” I said, pulling her back down.

“Where would I sleep?”

“You can sleep in my room, I’ll sleep on the floor”

“Ok,” she replied, and I stood up. Instead of getting up, Rose held her arms toward me, signaling that she wanted to be carried.

I smirked, and picked her up bridal-style. I carried her up the stairs, and set her down on my bed. I pulled off the blanket folded up at the end, and grabbed an extra pillow. I set up a little bed on the floor, and just before falling asleep, I heard Rose quietly say: “Liam? I’m cold.”

“I’m sorry, what can I do?” I asked, being my usual gentlemanly self.

“Um… Could you… come warm me up?” she asked, even quieter this time.

“Sure,” I replied, getting up and sliding into bed with her. I wrapped my arms around her tiny figure, and pulled her close.

“Better?” I whispered. She nodded.

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