Rose has been quiet all her life. She has a mysterious past that has something to do with everyone to hate her. But what happens when five new boys move into town and starts to take an interest in her?


11. New Lovers and More Heart ache

Rose's POV

Am I overreacting? I mean, all Louis did was not pay attention to me. Am I really that needy? But he's my boyfriend, the guy who is supposed to pay attention to me when no one else will.

Correction: he was my boyfriend.

I finished getting changed and was about to go to the kitchen, when I looked at myself in the mirror. I guess I haven't done that in a while, because I almost took a double-take at how I looked. Why do I have to be so ugly?

Stop doing this to yourself. Just look away. But I can't.

I opened the top drawer, not taking my eyes off the mirror. I felt around for what I was looking for for a little while, until I finally found it.

My hand gripped the handle of the knife, and I rolled up the sleeve of my sweater over my other scars. I slid the knife across my wrist, not even wincing because I was so used to it.

I cleaned off the blood, and covered it with my sleeve.

I walked into the kitchen, and sat down at the table with the boys. I watched all of their happy faces as they dug into whatever Harry had made this morning; I couldn't tell what it was because it was almost gone.

Louis was the last one to come down the stairs, and he looked perfectly fine.

He had his hair gelled up, and he had his blue and white striped shirt and reed skinny jeans.

He sat own at the opposite side of the table from me, and took a piece of french toast.

So that's what we're eating. Not for me, too many calories.

"Rose, eat something before I go over there and make you," Niall said, smirking at me.

I just shook my head, not expecting anything to actually happen.

Niall grabbed my plate from two seats down, and picked a very big piece of french toast to put on it. He walked over to me, and put the plate back in front of me.

I shook my head again, and he let out a sigh. I expected him to go back into his seat, but he scooped me up into his arms, and sat in my spot with me on his lap.

I clung to the back of his neck as he used his free hand to cut a piece of my french toast. He held it in front my mouth, but I just shook my head again.

Niall put his forehead on mine, and our faces were really close together. Suddenly, we were rubbing noses.

I had barely noticed that my mouth was slightly open, and I didn't have the chance to close it before Niall quickly pulled away and shoved the piece of food in my mouth.

The rest of the boys erupted into laughter, except Louis. I slapped Niall on the shoulder as hard as I could as I chewed the food in my mouth.

Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it!" Louis said quickly, getting up from his spot.

I couldn't see who it was, but I could here him talking to some girls.

They came into the dining room, and I realized that it was the two girls from yesterday. Oh how I hate him. Did our relationship mean anything at all to him? If it did then they wouldn't be here. I'm glad I ended it, because he didn't even care. Typical.

I pretended not to care, even though I was dying inside, and  turned back to Niall, who kept trying to feed me, and this time I let him. I made sure I did it in the most flirtatious way when I did. I teased Niall a lot too, knowing it would kill Louis.

When I took a break from flirting with Niall, I looked up to see that Eleanor girl sitting on Louis, and Sophia sitting on Liam. They seemed to be flirting too.

I get the Louis thing, but why Liam? Why is some random girl he's never met sitting on top of him? Why do I care so much?

"So guys, Sophia, Eleanor, and I found out that the fair was in town and wanted to go  today, would you like to join us?" Louis asked.

"Sure," Liam said, and the rest of the boys agreed. I just nodded my head. I don't want to go, but I don't want to be home alone because I might start over-thinking things and do something bad. Plus the boys know that so they probably wouldn't let me stay home anyways.

"Awesome, let's go!" he said.

~skip to the fair~

We have been here for three hours and I am so done. Louis and Eleanor have been all over each other and so have Liam and Sophia. I tried to be flirty with Zayn and Harry and Niall but they don't even care so what's the point?

I can't even talk. I actually tried to but Sophia and Eleanor look at me like I'm some sort of thing that just crawled out of their old creepy basement. I just walk behind them with my head down as they laugh and talk.

We finally agreed that we would go on the Ferris Wheel and then we would leave.

Of course Louis and Eleanor went together, and same with Liam and Sophia.

Suddenly, someone tapped me on the shoulder behind me. It was Niall.

"Um... Hey Rose... I was just wondering... if... you know... you would want to go on the Ferris Wheel with me... cause... you know... only two people can go on at a time... and stuff..." he asked.

I just smiled and nodded my head since Eleanor and Sophia were still there.

I don't get why he looked so nervous; it's just me. Maybe he didn't want to go with me, he just lost a bet or something.

Eventually, we got onto the ride, being the last ones they would let in since it was so late.

"Why haven't you been talking much today? Eleanor and Sophia aren't judging you," Niall said as soon as we were off the ground.

"Yes they are. They might not be saying it out loud but I can see it in their eyes and I know that look," I explained, relieved that I was finally alone with someone I could trust.

"You shouldn't be afraid of that look; they might just be thinking of something else. Besides, you have a lovely voice and I think that you should use it more often," he replied, winking at me after that last bit.

I blushed, but didn't respond. He probably just pities me and want to make me feel better.

"Hey, I mean it. Don't just pretend like I don't," he said, turning to me.

"Whatever, they just don't like me because I'm ugly, just like everyone else says," I said, looking down at my hands.

"I think you're beautiful," Niall said, taking my cheek in his hand and gently turning my face to him.

"You're just saying that," I replied, looking straight into his eyes, because I knew it was true.

"Only because it's a fact," he replied, starting to lean closer.

I didn't really know what was going on, so I kind of just went with it. Soon the distance between us closed, and our lips moved in sync.

After all that's happened in the past few weeks, I almost felt like I deserved this. But I don't. I don't deserve anyone, but Niall does.

Maybe I need this though, just for a little while. Someone who makes me feel like I'm worth something. I know he'll dump me after a while, but a little reassurance isn't a terrible thing.

Eventually, our make-out session ended because the ride was almost over. When it did, we walked, hand in hand, to the rest of the group. I could see Louis glance at our hands just before he took Eleanor's. That's when I knew that this was to make me jealous.

I brushed the thought's aside as we walked back to the car.

~skip to getting home~

I decided that I wasn't going to talk to Liam. He was making out with Sophia for practically the entire car ride home. I know we're not dating and I held hands with Niall, but I didn't make out with him... well not in front of Liam. I thought that was going somewhere. When I accepted that it wasn't, I moved on. But it's an entirely different thing when someone else moves on. Same goes for Louis. I don't know, this whole thing is just confusing.

I also decided that I'm going to crash in Niall's room tonight, since Sophia is in Liam's room for some reason. Okay, so I know the reason. They're actually really loud in there.

I borrowed some of Niall's clothes to sleep in, and made him turn around while I was changing. After that, we got into bed, and he wrapped me in his warm arms, and it felt as if they were made just to hold me.

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