Rose has been quiet all her life. She has a mysterious past that has something to do with everyone to hate her. But what happens when five new boys move into town and starts to take an interest in her?


4. New Living Accomadations

I woke up in a hospital bed after what felt like seconds. I sat up, rubbing my eyes. I looked around the room, and saw Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry sitting next to my bed fast asleep.

Then the events from the night before came rushing back. I wonder why they cared enough to bring me to the hospital. Or even stay for that matter. Doesn't matter anyways.

I picked up the remote on my bedside table, and turned on the little television in the corner. I flipped through channels until landing on my favorite show, Sponge Bob. Don’t judge me; I have my reasons. I saw Niall stretching out of the corner of my eye, and looked over to see him looking at me with wide eyes.

“Rose! Are you okay? What happened?” he questioned. I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to watching my show.

At this point, the rest of the boys woke up. My stomach grumbled, and I found a notepad on the table.

‘Food?’ I wrote and showed to the boys.

“Oh, do you want a hamburger or something? I’ll get you one,” Louis said.

“I’ll go with you,” Liam said, standing up.

“I’ll go too,” Harry said.

“I’m coming,” Zayn added.

“I’ll stay here, I don’t want to leave Rose alone,” Niall said, looking at me. The boys left, and Niall scooted a bit closer to me.

"Why did you try to kill yourself?" he asked, looking at me with his puppy dog eyes. I looked down, and didn't reply.

"You can talk to me," he whispered, and I looked back up at him.

"Prove it," I whispered, still unsure.

He got up, and pushed me over to make room on the bed. He lied down next to me, his face inches from mine.

"What about now?" he asked.

I looked into his eyes, and I could just see the innocence in his soul. So I decided that I could trust him this one time.

"Because according to everyone at school, I'm fat and ugly and don't deserve to live. That day, I really started to believe them," I whispered.

"You shouldn't, because they're just jealous of how skinny and beautiful and smart and nice you are," he replied.

He started leaning in closer.

Suddenly, I heard my phone start buzzing. I sighed, and rolled over to pick it up. It was my mom. I stood up, and pressed the answer button.

"Hello?" I answered, knowing that I would have to talk since she can't see me.

"Honey?? I heard what happened. Are you okay?" she asked.

"I'm fine mom, just had a little freak out," I replied.

"Well what if you have more 'little freak outs?' And what if that boy doesn't show up next time? What then?"

"I don't know mom, couldn't you come home more often?"

"Sweety, I wish I could, but you know that my job won't let me."

"Then what do you want me to do about this?"

"I want you to stay with those boys that saved you. I think you'll be safer with them."

"Really? You think that me staying with 5 teenage boys is safer?"

"It's the only option we have, and they seem nice, I talked to all of them over Skype. They have a guest room you can stay in."


"Bye sweetheart, I love you."

"Love you too," I replied, and ended the call.

I turned around, and found Niall sitting on the bed, facing me.

"By the way, you're moving in with us," he said, a grin on his face.

"Yeah, I got that," I replied without thinking, and quickly covered my mouth.

"It's okay," Niall laughed.

He stood up, wrapping me in his arms.

I winced when my arm got squished up against his hip.

Oh, I forgot about that. I pulled away and held up my arm, only to find that it was completely wrapped in gauze. Niall looked at it too, then carefully took my delicate arm into his hands, and wrapped it around the back of his neck. His eyes then went to me, and he wrapped me in a hug again, tighter this time. He nuzzled his face into my neck, and we stayed like that for a while.

"Promise me you won't hurt yourself ever again," Niall whispered. I hesitated for a second, thinking about my answer. It isn't as simple as deciding you can stop. Cutting is an addiction, and it's going to be hard to break.

"I don't know if I can," I whispered back.

Niall pulled away, and looked deep into my eyes. "You're a strong, beautiful, woman. I know you can. Do it for me, please," he replied, his eyes filling with tears.

"Okay," I said, and I was once again engulfed in a hug.

I heard the door open, and I pulled away from Niall. The boys came in, loaded with tons of food. Tons of food that I really shouldn't eat. I sat back on the bed, and Niall sat back in his chair.

"I got you a hamburger," Louis said, handing me the wrapped up piece of food. I smiled and took it.

I finished the burger in a minute, as hungry as I was. I was about to throw away the wrapper, when something caught my eye. I saw '450 calories' written in marker on the paper. they must write that stuff for patients who need a certain amount of calories or something. That's a lot of fat. Bad Rose, I thought, and mentally slapped myself. I'll have to go on a long run later.

"So when were you guys going to tell me that I'm moving in with you?" I asked.

"Oh, your mum said that she would tell you. We'll help you pack your bags once you get out of the hospital," Louis explained. Suddenly, the doctor walked in.

"Oh, I see you're awake. I did a bunch of tests, and you should be fine. Physically, that is. I want you to take anti-depressant pills. Do you live with your parents?" he asked.

"Um, yes, but they're never home. My mom just told me that I'm moving in with these guys," I explained.

"Perfect, you need to surround yourself with friends. I think you're good to go. Leave whenever you want," the doctor replied, and walked out of the room.

"Let's go home," Liam said. We walked out of the room, and we all put our arms around each other as we walked down the hallway.

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