Secrets of the Night

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  • Published: 30 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 30 Jul 2013
  • Status: Complete
- For the City of Bones 24 hour contest-

Ada can't help her fate, nor can she prevent it. The monsters find her, the demons of the night and creatures of your nightmares and it is her who is cursed to deal with them. Deal with them or become one of them. And with that choice who is she but to comply?

Until one night it all becomes too difficult for her and she is forced to make the most difficult decision, to be merciful - whatever the cost. The cost will be great and even she doesn't know how much will be taken from her.


1. Chapter One

This wasn’t how I intended it to end, the knife still in my hand and glistening black. Nor did I intend to end this easily, without a fight. A monster breeds hate and hate breeds violence.

It clatters to the floor and Jared runs forward, the slight downturn of his mouth betraying his thinly veiled disgust.
‘Why?’ he stares at the knife and at the empty space where that boy was before. His voice worn with fear but his body betrayed him; gnarled claws where hands should be.
‘I had no choice, I did my duty.’


Another night. My eyes snap open with the dusk, just the same as all those monsters out there. Unfortunately, unlike them I do not have the luxury of choice of prey. With a quick nod to Jared, I find myself sprinting out of the room - unable to move or think. There is only my animalistic instinct forcing me forward towards my destiny.


It's tragic really, isn't it? That I must run through the night to the monsters that tear at me, destroy them and watch as I become just like them.


But what if I didn't? If I stopped, just stood out there and said that I wouldn't.

I tried that once. I was the greatest monster of them all.


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