Between Two

"They say if you it set it free. If it was meant to be it'll find it's way back to you."
It seemed like a real life love story. But all storys must come to an end.


1. Summer

Aurora and Jasmine rushed out the front doors of the school along with the hundreds of other middle-school students. Summer begins now and no one can wait to get out of that hell-hole known as school.

Jasmine breathed in the fresh air as soon as they got to the court yard. "I can not explain my happiness of being out of there." She said, hugging Aurora tightly. Aurora laughed. "Same here." 

They talked the whole way back to Auroras house. Although she don't know why. Her parents said she could spend the night at Jasmines house instead but Jasmine insisted she spend the night at Auroras. Her house is much nicer than the small shit cabin Aurora lives in. Maybe it was just because Jasmines parents abused her. They were talking for a while when the topic of boys came up. "So wataya think of Charlie?" Jasmine asked, giggling. "Ewww, the perve?" Aurora asked, grossed out. Jasmine gaped at her. "He's not a pervert!" She said, a little defensively. "Besides, he told me he liked you." Jasmine said, leaning closer. Aurora shrugged. "He likes all the girls...... that's why he's a pervert!! Not to mention he likes to look at everyone's ass. I even caught him checking out some of the guys!" Aurora said laughing. "Whatever. You're still pretty."  Jasmine said. Aurora snorted. "What was that for?" Jasmine said. "I'm not pretty. At all." Aurora said, looking down. Jasmine gasped then smacked Auroras arm. "OW!!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR?!" Aurora said, gripping her arm. "You are effing gorgeous!!!!! Don't let me ever hear you call yourself ugly again!" Jasmine said. "Can we please not talk about this." Aurora said. "Ugh fine. But you've gotta like someone! One guy." Jasmine said. Aurora shook her head. "Nope. No one. They're all ugly." Aurora said. Jasmine shook her head. "You're never gonna get a boyfriend with that attitude." Jasmine said. "Ummmmm I'm not even thirteen yet and I don't want a boyfriend. I'd rather concentrate on school and stuff." Aurora said. "Um ew. It's summer, don't even mention that horrid word. And you do realize that when we go into the seventh grade all the girls are gonna have boyfriends." Jasmine replied.

Aurora shrugged. 

"Pst. Whatever. Omg did you hear that Carly and Danny had sex?!"

"And that is one of the reasons I'd rather concentrate on school, not boys. So I don't end having a baby while I'm still practically a baby."

"Ugh why do I even say anything." Jasmine said as they walked up the driveway to Auroras house. Aurora opened the door and her parents were screaming at each other inside. "Shit come on." Aurora grabbed Jasmine hand and they quietly ran up the stairs.

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