Between Two

"They say if you it set it free. If it was meant to be it'll find it's way back to you."
It seemed like a real life love story. But all storys must come to an end.


3. Stay Away

As soon as Jasmine was in sight Aurora ran towards her. "Thanks!" She called back to him.

"Oh my god, Jasmine! You're never gonna believe it! There's this boy and he's so cute!"

"Omg who is he?!" Jasmine asked, jumping up and down. Aurora pointed to Tanner, who was standing across the park, sitting on a small bench, surrounded by other kids. Her smile quickly faded and she pursed her lips. "You should stay away from him." Jasmine said. Aurora was taken aback. "Why?!" She almost screeched.

"His family's the richest in the state. If he really knew who you were, how much mony you made, he wouldn't want to come within 20 feet of you." Jasmine said frowning.

Aurora looked back at Tanner who was staring at her. He smiled and her heart fluttered. "Aurora!" Jasmine shouted. Aurora turned bck to her. "Stay AWAY from him." Jasmine demanded. Aurora nodded, but deep in her heart she knew she would never be able to do that. And she knew she wouldn't listen to Jasmine on this one.


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