When two men are attacked in the dead of night by a figure of nightmares, one of them is bitten. He morphs and changes into a terror, a blood sucking monster. He is a Vampire.


2. The Detention

The un-invited rays of sunlight peaked through a gap in the curtains, striking a beam of light across the room. Jack Robbinson lifted his eyelids slowly, allowing his eyes to get used to the morning light. He sat up right in bed then spun around and placed his bare feet on the carpet. He stood up, staggered across the room, looked in the mirror and saw a fifteen year old boy looking back at him. The boy was well built, obviously a sports star. His fair hair was what you describe as a ‘mop head’. His dark green eyes stared back at Jack before he walked out of the room and into the bath room.

After he rapidly got ready for school, he hugged his mum, dad and little sister goodbye; he left the house and went to meet his friend Emily. He found her standing outside the corner shop, eating a bacon sandwich. To Emily’s delight, he placed a kiss on her cheek. They were dating; the whole world knew it however it wasn’t because they had broadcasted it, telling everyone they knew. It was because they spent every spare minute they had together, going bowling, watching a movie at the cinema or just walking together in the park, enjoying the fresh air and each others company. On their way to school, the conversation they had everyday begun.                                                                                                                     

 “What teacher do you think we’ll have for English today?” Emily asked, Jack let out a sigh.                                                                                                                                     “Another supply probably, I don’t see Mr Clayton coming back soon…” Their English teacher had been missing for more than five months, all the police knew was that some sort of violent fight had broken out in the city centre and the teacher had been involved. They had been taught by a total of thirty-five supply teachers during the time their teacher had been missing.

“I wish that someday, they won’t be able to find a teacher and we’ll be able to bunk off school.” Jack joked.

When they arrived at the school, they separated to join up with their friends, Emily went to hear if veronica had dumped max and Jack went to scare the year sevens. He was a year ten, a figure of terror to the year sevens, there fore that made them easy targets. He chose to stalk one through the corridors until the poor boy started to run away, screaming that he was getting followed by a mad man. His enjoyment was obliterated when the bell for period one sounded across the school.

Maths with Miss Smith was very tiring, Jack fell asleep twice just by looking at the white board. The teacher kept trying to catch him out, giving her an excuse to keep him for detention.  She was a troll. Her grey hair was held up in a tight bun and she grinned with orange, crooked teeth.                                                                          

“Jack, what would it be if two-hundred and twenty six was timed by seven-hundred and forty?” She questioned; she was shocked by Jack’s answer.                         

“A very, very big number Miss…” Jack answered, grinning as he spoke. That answer cost him his lunch break.

Mr Crimson loosened his collar slightly; he wiped his sweaty forehead with the end of his tie. Was it safe to do this yet? Last time he had tried being in a roomful of kids (whilst being a vampire) it had been a mass murder fest. Fortunately, he had fled the scene before the authorities had arrived. His flask of blood wouldn’t last him long, he would have to snack on someone at break time. Breifly, he glanced at his timetable and saw that he had year ten for second period. That would be fun.

The year ten English class flooded into the classroom, stampeding to the seats by their friends. Thankfully, Jack had secured a seat next to Emily. He stared at their new teacher, he looked normal. For some reason, he kept moving uncomfortably. Suddenly, Jack was thrown off his chair by a giant of a boy. Francis Benjamin David Wilkinson was the school bully, he would pick a target and do everything he was capable of to make their life a misery. His stomach was bulging and you would bounce off if you attempted to tackle him. His beady eyes were half a centimetre apart, hardly giving any view of his surrounding areas; he was forced to look straight in front of himself constantly. Jack jumped up to confront the bully.                                                                                                                                       “What is your problem?” Jack yelled, staring into the bully’s eyes.                                   

“This is my seat.” The fat boy answered, he eagerly waited for a fight to break. The teacher spoke for the first time.                                                                                                  

 “Can we settle down please… you…” he said pointing at Jack, “Find another seat, that boy has clearly stated that the particular seat belongs to him.” Jack gasped in shock. “But…” He was immeadiately stopped by the mysterious teacher.                         

“Stay behind for detention tonight for causing trouble!” That shut Jack up.

The lesson dragged on and when the bell for break rang, everyone was relieved. When Jack spoke to Emily, she looked she was going to collapse on the spot.                      

“Francis is the most horrible boy I have ever met! He was almost as vile as that teacher! He shouldn’t have put you on detention, it was Francis’s fault!” Jack agreed with every word she said. A year seven passed and Jack went out of his way to scare her.

It was a long day. It seemed to be ten times longer than a normal one. When the final bell rang, Jack made his way up to his detention.  Before he went, he had told Emily that he loved her and he would see her later; she had been reluctant to let him go to the vile teacher.

Mr Crimson had hidden the body in a store cupboard at the back of the classroom. Regretfully, at break time he had grabbed hold of one of the passing cleaners and taken a little sip. The blood had stained his best shirt which forced him to wear his zipped up coat for the rest of the day. The cleaner had got the worse end of the bargain. He had been snooping through his old friend John’s desk when the boy had arrived. It was convenient that John had been an English teacher and even more convenient that he was dead.

Jack walked into the classroom at three o’ clock, he was still there at half past four. The hours dragged on until it was half past five. Mr Crimson sat there, examining the fifteen year old.                                                                                                                  

“Sir, can I go now?” Jack asked, he had been sat there for over two hours. The teacher took a deep breath, as if trying to calm himself.                                                                     

“You will leave when I tell you to…” he answered. Jack sighed and waited another hour before Mr Crimson said,                                                                                                         “You can go now.” Jack grabbed his stuff and left rapidly, when he was half way down the corridor Mr Crimson smiled to himself.

The game had begun.

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