When two men are attacked in the dead of night by a figure of nightmares, one of them is bitten. He morphs and changes into a terror, a blood sucking monster. He is a Vampire.


1. The Attack

The silver moon shone brightly through the wispy clouds that dominated the night sky. It cast an eerie glow over the city, offering the little light that there was on the winter night. An unnatural chill hung in the air, a thin layer of frost was forming over the deserted city. Whilst most people slept, resting for another day of school and work, one of the heaving pubs was as lively as ever. Men watched the football on the widescreen television whilst getting as drunk as possible. Women sat down drinking wine and caught up with the daily gossip. Separate from the others, two men sat in the corner and were deep in conversation.

“Have you found any work yet?” asked one of them. He was quite old, in his sixties and it was beginning to show. His black hair had streaks of silver amongst it, it was quite short. Bags formed underneath his eyes; they were tired eyes that had seen a lifetime. His teeth were yellow and crooked. When he smiled, you would feel slightly un-easy, staring at them.                                                                                                                                               “No not yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something.” The other man was a lot younger. He was quite handsome, with sparkling blue eyes and a kind smile. He had sleek black hair, which was slightly longer than the other mans. The man grunted as he took another swig of his beer, emptying the bottle.                                                                   

“You’ll find something…” They both stood to leave and walked into the cold, winter night.

One of the two men, the older one, was an English teacher in a local secondary school, he was referred to by the children as: Mr Clayton. To his friends and family, he was John. The other was a supply teacher, desperately searching for work of any kind, he was called Mr Crimson. Crimson was the colour of blood, it was quite ironic due to what was going to happen.

“Go down the north alley, it’s quicker.” John suggested. Mr Crimson shifted uncomfortably; the north alley was the perfect location for gangs and thugs to hang around.                                                                                                                                            “I’d prefer it if we didn’t…” He argued but John would have none of it. When they got to the alley, they stared down it. Shadows crept around the dark alley, waiting to pounce on passers-by. Everything seemed to be moving in the dark, shifting slowly towards the two men. Every whisper echoed towards them, attempting to pull them to their fate. Slowly and carefully, the men started to walk down the alley…


On the rooftops of the city, the man crouched down, searching for prey. He examined every inch of the city, leaping from one part to another, looking for food. He needed it. He craved it. He wanted it. Listening intently, he noticed a slight mumble in the distance, finally something to eat. He needed the euphoric sensation of it gushing down his throat, quenching his thirst. He screamed and started leaping towards his prey.

The horrific scream could be heard by the men; they quickened their pace and suddenly broke into a sprint, desperate to escape the nightmarish alley. Everything went quiet. Everything was still. Everything was in place.


The man on the rooftops could sense their pulses and their blood flow. He could hear it, rushing through their veins, circulating around their hearts. Nearing his targets, he prepared to attack, tensing his body and getting ready to rip them apart. He jumped…

John and Mr Crimson were nearly through the alley, they could see the dingy orange light that was coming from the street lights. So close from escaping the horror of the alley. It was paradise, the thought of getting home, until something grabbed Mr Crimson.

The rooftop man could see his targets and pounced, snatching hold of one of his victims. He bared his fangs and his eyes flashed red before he sunk his teeth into the man’s delicate neck. The blood was sucked from Mr Crimson’s body as he became a limp figure, held in the arms of a predator. He felt his heart stopping as he was emptied of his blood. It was a horrific sight for John to observe. Here was a figure with a red, thick liquid around his mouth and deep, blood red eyes sucking from his friend’s neck. He quivered and slumped behind a large crate, hoping to hide. Nobody could hide.

The blood was an elixir of life for the man as he drained another pint from his prey. Suddenly, he jerked his fangs out of the man’s skin and spun around. The victim was transforming! The man sprinted away before the killing craze started.

Mr Crimson shook on the floor in pain. All the blood had not been drained from his system but venom had been added. The recipe for a monster. His transformation was beginning; he shook violently on the ground whilst the venom coursed through his veins, mixing with his blood. The pain was unbearable; it was like his body was on fire. He screamed and sprang to his feet. The black pupils disappeared and were replaced by two bright red dots. Painfully, his gums started to bleed madly as two razor sharp fangs sprouted from them. He was feeling ravenous. He was feeling the urge to kill.

John watched the scene in horror! What had happened? He screamed as Crimson jumped at him and bit into his skin, he started to drink. It felt fantastic, the blood flowing into him whilst he enjoyed the kill. All the blood was sucked from John’s body and he became a shrivelled up corpse whilst Crimson planned out his next kill. He ripped his fangs out of John’s neck and wiped the blood off his chin. True, the blood had been satisfying, it had made him a little less parched. It wasn’t enough, he wanted more, he needed more… he would have more.

Crimson enjoyed killing John; he enjoyed the feeling of murder. He wanted to do more of it. A lot more. He was a monster. He was a hunter. He was a predator.

He was a vampire.

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