When two men are attacked in the dead of night by a figure of nightmares, one of them is bitten. He morphs and changes into a terror, a blood sucking monster. He is a Vampire.


4. Emily's Turn

Emily sat on her bed, tears streaming down her cheeks. A body had been found in school that morning, everyone was talking about it. When Emily heard, she felt as if someone had punched a gaping hole into her chest. The body had been Jacks. It hurt so much to know that she would never see him again, she had cried for seven hours straight. The police had wanted to question her (since she had been so close to ‘the victim’ as they called him) but she had refused. Talking about him would surely destroy her. Reluctantly, she had rung Jack’s house and had a painful conversation with Jack’s sobbing mum. Why had Jack been killed? What had he done to deserve that? All she knew was that Mr Crimson had been the last to see him.

Her parents had gone to bed ages ago however Emily, who couldn’t sleep, was lying on her bed, allowing the grief and sorrow to overwhelm her. It was dark outside; her bedroom light was the only light to be seen in the street. Emily heard the buzz of her vibrating phone, who would be ringing her this late? Slowly, she walked over to her phone and looked at the number. The screen read: UNKNOWN. She answered it and held the mobile to her ear.                                                

“Hello?” she stuttered and waited for a reply. A terrible laugh echoed through the receiver.                                                                                                                                                  “I got Jack… I’m coming to get you too…” Emily rapidly slammed the phone down and sprinted to the phone downstairs to call the police. She punched the number nine button three times as hard as she could. Eventually, a lady answered:                                                                            “Hello, nine-nine-nine. What is your emergency?”                                                                          

“Hello? I’m getting phone calls from the man who killed my boyfriend!” Emily answered, but no reply came. Suddenly, a scream sounded through the phone and a different voice spoke. “Nobody can help you now, my dear…” Then he hung up.

Poor Emily was horrified. Had that man killed Jack? If he had, why was he coming for her? She didn’t dare wake her parents, who would just tell her she was being silly. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself down and walked to her room, being sure to lock the door on the way in. Maybe she was just being silly, maybe it was just a dream and that she might just be lying in her bed having a nightmare. That was it…

That was when the lights went out, pitching the room in total darkness. Every creak sounded ten times louder than it should of. Trying to keep herself calm, Emily slowly searched for the light switch, until she sensed someone behind her.               

“Hello?” she whispered, more scared than she had ever been before.                                    “Hello Emily, time to die…” She screamed as loud as she could. Her screaming was silenced when she was killed in the pitch black.

The lights snapped back on and Mr Crimson was standing over her body, blood stained across his mouth. He fled before her parents ran in and started to cry over their daughter’s body.

Crimson enjoyed killing Emily and Jack; he enjoyed the feeling of murder. He wanted to do more of it. A lot more. He was a monster. He was a hunter. He was a predator.

He was a vampire.

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