She's Mine

Rebecca has been kidnapped for three years being rapped and abused. when she finally escapes you wont believe who saves her. One direction. She falls in love with Louis but he doesn't like her back but everyone else falls for her and she beings playing around with feelings.


3. my name

    As, night came we all sat at the table for dinner and we had something called hamburgers. I had no idea what they were but they were delicious. After we ate dinner Louis came up to me and asked me," What is your name, because you didn't tell me earlier?".
"I don't know actually", I said
"How do you not know?" he said looking confused.
"Well, I sort of just woke up in the grass field not knowing anything about my past, not even my name or age", I said.

As I stood up to go with the other boys he stops me and asked," What's that in your pocket?". I looked down and pulled it out and it was a paper saying 'student of the month'.
"was that for you?' he asked looking confused. I didn't know what to say because I didn't know either I was just as confused as he was. If it was me then it had to be about two or three years ago.  
"I guess?" I said really confused," why else would I have it".
"So, your name is Rebecca?"  he said. When he said that name it felt right like it was my name. So I smiled and nodded. It also had a year the year was 2010 and it said my age was 16. "I am also 'just guessing' you're 19" he said smiling. We both walked out to the other boys to go join them. Niall was sitting there playing his guitar while the others sang along and when we both walked out everyone looked up.


Harry pov

    She looked so beautiful her blonde hair and pretty blue eyes with a gold ring around her pupil. "Hey" I smiled when she walked out. "Do you want to sit by me?" I asked her.
"Or do you want to sit by me, Rebecca?" said Louis. I looked at him in confusion.
"Who is Rebecca?" I asked, confused.
"I am" she said while blushing a little. I smiled and motioned for her to sit by me but she shook her head and sat by Louis. It made me a bit jealous but I just shook it off.
"What shall we sing now?" I looked over at Zayn so he could suggest a song.
"How about Beauty and a Beat by Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaji", he said looking at Niall.
"No, I hate Nicki Minaji so I refuse to sing any song by her",he yelled. We all laughed and Niall continued to play another song.


Louis pov

     Rebecca was beautiful and pretty but she wasn't the type of girl I was interested in. I like girls who have brown hair and hazel eyes. I liked having her as a friend but that's it. Anyways I could tell that Harry liked her so I didn't want to do that to him and he needs a girl that isn't a 'one night stand'.

Niall pov

    Okay, I have to admit Rebecca was really hot. her blonde hair and blues eye just make me melt on the inside. I think I might ask her to sleep in my room with me tonight. I wanted to get her before Harry did because I could see he wanted her. "Hey, Rebecca, could I speak to you for a moment alone?" I said a little nervous.
"umm? Sure?" she said confused. After we went inside I said while blushing," it's getting pretty late do you want to stay in my room with me?"
"well... I don't know wont that be weird since I just met you?" she said.
"No it wont where are you planning on staying?" I said. she was about to answer but the boy just walked right in and Louis asked," Hey, Rebecca, since you have no where to stay do you want to stay with me?"
"Yes, I would love to!" she smiled and blushed. I got really angry and jealous.


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