Biten . ( Harry styles love story )

Jasmine is a Normal girl. She has friends like a normal Teenage girl. But she has one little secret that nobody knows ........... SHES A VAMPIRE Her best friend Dianna is a werewolf.


2. Forever Young

I get out of Todd's bed and take some of his clothes out of his drawer and put them on. I ran out of his room before he could realize I left. I walked into his kitchen and looked for a doughnut or something but all they had was fruits and veggies. "Fag" I thought to myself as I walked out of his house. I began to walk home as I saw the Toyota place put up a HELP WANTED sign. I walked over to the store and walked in. I saw all of the cars lined up outside.

"Madam" A boy with curly hair said to me.

"Yes" I say with a smirk on my face and an attitude in my voice.

" Are you here for an application " The boy said with a smile on his face as he blushed

" Actually yes I am do you work here?" I say with a weird feeling in my stomach.

" Yes I'm Harry just come over here and we can fill out your application" Harry said to me in his really low voice.

"Okay" I say with a huge grin my face.

"Well first is we need you to print your name on this sheet of paper so we know your name ".

                                     THE APPLICATION     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Name: Jasmine

DOB: Febuary 2,1994

License #: 8834

School: Westley Collage of musical arts

Address:4156 S. State St.

Phone #: 951-554-8276

Email: Jasmine so true @


"Is that it" I say looking into his beautiful green orbs

"Yes it is beauty I I mean Jasmine" He says blushing because of his mistake


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