Biten . ( Harry styles love story )

Jasmine is a Normal girl. She has friends like a normal Teenage girl. But she has one little secret that nobody knows ........... SHES A VAMPIRE Her best friend Dianna is a werewolf.


1. First night

I walked home as swift as possible. I stop at my local Quiktrip for a soda. I walk to the back of the building and grabbed a Blue PowerAde. I walked up to the counter to pay. I gave the grumpy old man my money. As I'm walking out I stop to see the New park opening across the street. I walk across the street and sit at a picnic table. I see children playing on the swing set. I get up to throw away my trash from school earlier today. Suddenly see my classmate Todd in the seat across from me. He smiles. He grabbes my phone and buts it away. I get my book bag and grab my IPod out. He snatches it out of my hand. He grabs my hand and puts it on his chest. I force my hand away. He grabbes it again but this time with more force. I try to force away again but I'm becoming weak. He leans forward to kiss me but I resist. He closes my eyes and puts a pill in my mouth. I gently fall asleep. When I wake up I'm in a bed its not my bed though. I get up and I walk into the hallway and I see Todd. He smirks at me and pushes me back into the room. He locks the door. He pushed me onto the bed and ripped off my shirt. He sat on my stomach and tied me to the bed. He ripped off my skirt. He gets in my face and started to kiss me. I look him in the eyes and could tell he was about to rape me. If only I was drunk I probably wouldn't be tied up and I really wouldn't remember a thing. The wrong thing to do was let him seduce me into this. He started to kiss my neck. He bit My neck. It hurt like hell. He got in my face and smiled . He had fangs like a vampire. He just bit me so now I am gonna be a vampire. He kisses my belly ring. Then moved all the way down to my vag. He kisses it then starts to lick it. Im able to get my hand to slide out of the rope. I slowly make my way to the other hand and got it free. I sit up and slap the back of his head like he's a dog. He puts his head up. Now I got to see he fangs. It was real he is definally a vampire . He grabbes my throat and whispers something in my ear. I couldn't hear a word he said so I just closed my eyes and thought of my life as a vampire.

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