Born In Fire

Calida is a fire child. Rare, but existent. Born in the flames of Mt. Pondii Peré, Venezuela's deadliest volcano. She has powers, extreme senses. She can think faster, see things that others don't. Her brain is much more than the average human's, a super-brain. Calida can run faster, jump higher, and figure out a person's life in a minute, she is deadly, like fire. But what happens when the Programme, the Government's top secret unit, finds out about what Calida can do? Will they understand her, or use her as a nameless weapon? After all, even fire can be extinguished.


2. Relighting

I fumbled with the key in the lock of our apartment. I groaned. The door lock had been faulty for weeks, we just hadn't got around to fix it. What had Nano said? Lean and twist. Lean and twist. I pushed my weight on the door and rotated the key, but still nothing.

"Nano!" I yelled, banging my fist on the door. "It's Calida, Nano. The door is messed up again!"

I knocked again, but I heard nothing from inside. Then I remembered, Nano teaches a Spanish cooking class in the community centre on Friday nights. Damn. I slumped against the wall and put my head in my hands. Then I smelled it. The smell of singed hair.

"Uh!" I took my hands away from hair with a jerk. Strands of dark ash brown hair fell to the floor. I stared at the hair in shock. That had never happened before. I stared at my hands. I could faintly see the orange glow beneath my fingertips. It was like the more my power grew, the less control I had. Like somehow, what was making my stronger, was also making me weaker.


I looked up. No. Anyone but him. I can run faster than most cars at medium speed, know whether someone is lying in under thirty seconds, and shoot an arrow at an apple a hundred feet away. But him, he was my kryptonite.

"Hi Noah"

He sat down beside me and grinned.

"Just chilling by the wall, yeah?"

I laughed nervously, feeling the perspiration on my neck. I could feel his piercing blue eyes on me. Silence followed. It wasn't awkward, nothing is ever awkward with Noah. He had this cheery aura around him. He could diminish any heated argument, bring life to any boring party. When any gatherings were held around our apartment block, I would only go on account of Noah being there. It was weird. Being among crowds wasn't good for me, too many characters crowding my mind. I would start to lose control, panic, when so many pasts and presents and futures built up inside my head. My insight overflowed. But then I met Noah, everything changed.

"So, I haven't heard from you in a while. How's Nano?"

I shrugged. The truth was, I didn't know. Nano wasn't as young as she used to be, and I found it was best to just not think about it. Nano was the only who ever understood me, and I would be lost without her.

"She's doing okay, Noah. How's your mom?"

"My mom is... my mom"

We both smiled. Unfortunately, Noah's mother wasn't the most dependable woman I could think of. He used to spend a lot of time over at our flat, mostly because he wouldn't get fed if he didn't. And Nano liked having him around me. She sensed that he kept my powers deflated. 

"So seriously, what are you doing out here?"

I showed him my key.

"Won't unlock the door. Nano's not in, either"

Noah motioned for the key. He stuck it in the door, pushed in towards it and twisted in a quick movement. It clicked.

"You'd make a great burglar" I said, words tumbling out over each other.

"If all my victims handed me their keys" He handed it back to me.

He gave me one of his dazzling smiles, nodded and strolled back down the hallway. I stood in the door frame, clutching the key in my hand. When I was with him, I didn't feel that urge to set fire to things, or run a marathon. I also couldn't read his thoughts, view his memories. The truth was, Noah made me feel normal. And yet when he handed me back the key, his hand brushed mine. And I swear to you, I felt a different kind of fire.




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