The Seven

17 year old Tessa has been looking forward to her Choosing since she could remember. But it isn't what she was hoping for. As she finally meets her Seven she realises they don't want her and she doesn't really want them. Well, she wants one of them. As Tessa trains for her Transporting she learns more about how to be a Seven and quickly her first Transporting is upon her. But she soon realises she isn't as prepared as she'd thought.


4. Unprepared

         After that day of training, my Transporting was all I could think about. The others didn’t need half as much preparation as I did because they’d Transported before. So for the next three days, I was everyone’s main focus. Fleur and the boy’s instructor, Sawyer had roped the rest of The Seven into helping my training. I learned the final boy’s name was Crispin and my theory of everyone having completely unusual names here was confirmed. After days of training in combat and quizzes on everything I should know about the Other Side, everyone seemed content that I was ready. Everyone that is, except me.
     I spent Thursday night in my room reading the back page of my booklet, ‘In short, The Seven are here to protect Regulars from their reflections, reflections can become out of control and attempt to cross over.’ Reflections were alive, but Regulars didn’t know that. The Seven were the only people who could cross over to the Other Side and control reflections, and by control, I mean kill. When we killed any reflections, new ones were made instantly, so when any Regular looked in the mirror, their reflection was always there.
         Friday morning came. Each of The Seven had their own Mirror; I glanced nervously at Skai, who blew me a kiss and winked, of course turning my face red, which he seemed to find hilarious.  We performed the ritual that was burned into my brain thanks to Fleur and Ondine’s thorough quizzing and we Transported. My training flashed through my mind, they aren’t people, you see one, you kill it. Easy, I was ready.  Or so I thought. The one thing that they hadn’t prepared me for was that the first reflection I’d see was my own.

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