The Seven

17 year old Tessa has been looking forward to her Choosing since she could remember. But it isn't what she was hoping for. As she finally meets her Seven she realises they don't want her and she doesn't really want them. Well, she wants one of them. As Tessa trains for her Transporting she learns more about how to be a Seven and quickly her first Transporting is upon her. But she soon realises she isn't as prepared as she'd thought.


2. Enjoyable Views

          The name seemed fitting, what with his eyes, but even with that, the name was strange and without a filter the words spluttered out, “That’s a weird name.” the look in his eyes immediately sent the blood rushing straight back to my cheeks, I really was going to have to learn to control myself, but with having such fair skin, these emotions were hard to hide. “That’s about the third time your face as gone nearly the exact shade of your hair in the short time I’ve known you.” He laughed silently to himself and it seemed our conversation was over for now.
          Without intending to, I slept for a while during the bus journey, but thankfully I wasn’t the only one. The constant chatter of already familiar voices had quietened from the front of the bus and it appeared, at this time, I was the only one awake. I took this moment to glance quickly at Skai, his eyes were closed and his long eyelashes were casting shadows over his cheekbones. I imagined drawing him, exactly like this, with the light hitting him the way it was. Suddenly I was dragged out of my day dream by a voice, “Enjoying the view?” immediately humiliated I darted my gaze elsewhere, but I had already been caught. Skai opened his eyes and laughed to himself, “So, Regular, how’s life in the ordinary world?” The question seemed strange, that my world was somehow different to his, but then another section of the booklet flashed behind my eyes, ‘Children of The Seven grow up together in an institute just outside New York and are trained from a young age, you, as the Regular, may feel slightly behind but will catch up in a matter of months, children of the Seven have a very different upbringing to Regular children,’ I had my doubts about being one of The Seven but there was nothing I could do, my family were under oath, as one of the ‘Regulators’ to offer any child who was of age at the time of the ‘Choosing’ to the Seven. “Fine, ordinary, as you’d expect,” was the answer I finally gave. Seeing this as an end to our conversation, Skai closed his eyes.


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