The Seven

17 year old Tessa has been looking forward to her Choosing since she could remember. But it isn't what she was hoping for. As she finally meets her Seven she realises they don't want her and she doesn't really want them. Well, she wants one of them. As Tessa trains for her Transporting she learns more about how to be a Seven and quickly her first Transporting is upon her. But she soon realises she isn't as prepared as she'd thought.


3. Differences Change

Training began almost the second we entered the institute. Girls were sent to one wing of the dormitories, and boys to the other. Apparently, we trained separately. We were given virtually no time in our rooms, but thankfully we each had our own. The moment we stepped into the training room, the differences between me and the other three girls became immensely obvious. For one thing, their names: Crystal, Leonie and Ondine. And then there was me, plain, old Tessa. Aside from their names, seventeen years of training clearly stood out in front of seventeen years of reading and drawing.  Each day we had breakfast and then immediately we reported to our instructor Fleur in the training room. Training consisted of three main sections, physical, knowledge and Transporting. Of the three, knowledge seemed to be my strong point; hours spent every other day in the institute’s huge library. We studied maps, history and of course The Mirror. Physical training took me at least two weeks to truly get the hang of, large wooden beams hung from the ceiling in the training room, balancing and then jumping off. Weapons were by far the most enjoyable part of physical training. Truthfully, after two weeks, I still didn’t know any of the girls very well, but they didn’t seem to want to know me so I wasn’t about to make the effort.
          On the Monday that marked the beginning of my third week at the institute, I walked into the training room and immediately halted, I hadn’t seen Skai since the day we arrived, and there he was swinging his legs casually off the beam above my head. “Hey there Pinky!” he called before leaping off the beam and being caught by his cable. “Oh so I have a nickname now?” I countered, marvelled that I could actually form a sentence. Something about Skai made everything inside me bubble, his constant confidence agitated me, but I was drawn to him. Secretly, I had been looking for him the past few weeks, casual walks around the grounds and that sort of thing, constantly hoping to catch even a glimpse of that glowing hair and those eyes, but I never had.
          He turned around to unhook his cable and the muscles moving in his back distracted me, “Well of course you do Pinky! No one could forget that face and the colour it went!” he winked at me as he turned around. He explained briefly why he was here and the other girls weren’t, we got to train in pairs today, and he had been saddled with me. “But, there are four girls and only three boys,” I wondered aloud, “Well don’t we have a smart cookie here!” Skai joked, “Lucky Piers gets to deal with Ondie and Leo,” he clearly didn’t see Piers as lucky but I was awed by his nicknames for the girls and was suddenly envious of their closeness “Well no time to waste, I’ve got the challenge of preparing you for your first Transporting!” Terror ripped through me and it was clearly visible as Skai jogged over to in front of me looking genuinely concerned, “It’s nothing to worry about Pinky! I’ve been to the Other Side plenty of times and it’s really not that bad!” His voice calmed me down almost instantly and we began training.


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