A short story about a girl called Lauren whose ordinary day turns out to be rather extraordinary.


1. Alliance

I glanced over at my reflection in the train window, scruffy blonde curls and smudged mascara framed my average features. I flicked through my Ipod until I settled on a song which provided a suitable background to the miserable, rainy, typical British day. Hills rolled for miles in every direction, the sun glinted off meandering rivers, at least living fifteen miles out of the city had some advantages. Looking closely at the vast landscape you could almost imagine something oddly magical about it. The train pulled out of the countryside and within five minutes the city was in sight. Cardiff wasn’t a particularly pretty city, chewing gum lined the pavements, wrappers from various takeaways floated in the average wind which accompanied the average Welsh rain.

  I scurried past the dregs of the city into the centre, holding my worn jacket above my head to keep out the rain. Running into cover, I breathed a sigh of relief, two minutes to spare before my shift started. I sent a quick text to my ever so paranoid mum telling her all was well and not to worry and pushed the phone into the pocket of my favourite jeans. The shop wasn’t open yet, I reasoned the manager must be running late, he often did. Pulling out my phone again I checked for replies, trying to make myself look busy. Giving up I pushed the lock button, turning the screen black. Hating my habit of checking my reflection I gave myself a quick once over, tucking a loose curl behind my ear, and sighed, there was no way I could improve my appearance on such short notice with no make up to hand.              

 There was a strange off blue light coming from behind me in the reflection. I turned my head slowly, trying to find the source of the light which appeared to be coming from the back door of the shop. I could hear a strange noise coming from where the light appeared to be radiating from. I pulled out my phone and hit dial for Victoria, my best friend, if I was going to die exploring a blue light for the sake of a raise, I wanted my bestie to listen to my last requests. The dial tone seemed to take forever before a chirpy voice picked up the other end “Hiya Loz” Tori’s familiar voice comforted me. 

“Tori, I think I may be walking to my death, don’t give my brother my laptop, too many incriminating pictures on there,” I spoke in low tones, not wanting whatever or whoever I was creeping towards to realise what I was doing. 

“Lauren, what are you doing? If it’s dangerous stop it right now okay or call the police!” 

“It’s at work, there’s a weird light coming from the back door I’m just checking it’s alright, I just need you to stay on the phone in case something weird happens,” I was getting closer to the light which now was a dark shade of turquoise. “Toria?” My voice echoed on the phone line until it died. My screen flashed and call failed appeared. The light intensified and now I could hear what sounded like a humming coming from the door itself. Knowing I shouldn’t I reached for the handle, pushing towards the, now almost navy, light. 


The door was lighter than I expected and my push landed me face down in front of a room full of people. No, not people, things, not quite your dragons and aliens but equally not your almost human hobbits. They were all blue, head to toe, with differing shades. Each of them had a distinct attribute which set them apart, some had horns, some talons, some had distinctly larger heads than others, but all of them had one thing in common, they were all staring at me with a look of astonishment. One, whom I had presumed to be the leader, due to his slightly lopsided crown, was stood right in front of me. “She’s human everyone, she can’t see us, carry on.” 

I blinked in shock as the room filled with a hum of everyday English conversation. I checked my pockets for my Ipod and realised it had fallen out and bounced across the floor smashing it to pieces. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, nope I wasn’t concussed, this was all real and happening. Reaching to the shoulder of the leader of the blue people I tapped him gently, “Umm, excuse me, but I uh think I may have opened the wrong door and uh if you could kindly help me out I’ll um be on my way,” the blue man looked at me open mouthed. I started to get up and walk towards where I assumed the door was when I felt a hand on my arm. 

“We don’t normally have any of your kind here, and when we’re out there with you guys, you can’t see us.” The man spoke in a low voice which seemed to resonate throughout the room. 

“Like I said, I’m sorry and I’ll just be on my way,” I went to pull away from the blue man but he grabbed my arm again.
“No, wait, we need your help, we broke the portal to our world.” This was way too much to take in and I took a step back. 

“Aren’t you guys some sort of cult thing, who dress up and paint yourselves blue and chant and all that?” I tried to convince myself it couldn’t be real. 

“No, we’re not human, but we’re not your version of aliens either, the closest thing to our race are your fairies,” he stopped and pulled out a map, “we came through a portal, here,” he pointed to a place on the map which I was fairly sure was the library. “Something about this plane drew us through like moths and we crashed the portal and cannot get back, without a human’s help, but no human can see us, so we have a dilemma. However, now you are here and you can see us and you can help. We have been searching for people like you who exist around the world but none have responded to our communication.” He pointed to what looked like an old typewriter sitting in the corner of the room. I looked around at the faces staring at me and prepared to let them down gently, after I got out of the room of course. 

“Look guys, if you let me out safely and in one piece I will help you guys with your portal thing,” I gave them what I hoped was my most charming smile and hopped out of the blue man’s reach, “so if you don’t mind opening the door for me, I’ll be on my way to sort it out.” 

The blue man nodded and signalled to some people standing to my right who immediately pushed on where I had appeared and opened up a hole in the wall. 

 I jumped through and waved to the blue man before sprinting down the street, racing past the library and into the shopping centre, hoping that the blue people could not and would not follow me through. I slowed to a jog and stopped to catch my breath, resting my hands on my knees. I lifted my head and jumped back, the blue man was stood directly in front of me. “You know you ran past our portal,” he said with a smile, offering me his hand to take. I declined and he nodded and started walking back the way I had come. “Are you coming?” 

“I don’t know what I need to do to open this portal or whatever.” Some people nearby were giving me weird glances, I suppose their looks would’ve been stranger if they could see the six foot two blue happy man standing in front of me. The problem about the city was there were way too many people around to bare witness to me having conversations with an invisible fairy. 

“All you have to do is take my hand and touch the portal,” the blue man smiled and offered his hand once more, I took it, there was no point in arguing. He led me through the shopping centre and out to the library. I looked at the man skeptically “I’m pretty sure the library is not a fairy portal.” He laughed and pointed towards the huge metal hoop sculpture which stood in front of the library. 

“Alliance not the library.” I suddenly recalled a primary school trip which involved going to see the alliance at the library. It all made sense. The hoop must turn into some sort of portal and put them back into their version of this world. The man grabbed my hand and led me towards the sculpture pushing my hand against the cold metal. He took my other hand and placed it in his own and whispered something I couldn’t quite catch and the metal beneath my hand began to glow a cool blue. The blue turned turquoise then edged towards navy and a door of the same colour appeared in the centre of the hoop. A procession of blue fairies entered the door until it was me and the blue man remaining. He let go of my hand and turned towards me. “Thank you, human. Your debt will be repaid.” Smiling he walked towards the door and entered, giving me a small wave before slamming the door behind him. I giggled to myself and looked up expecting to see hundreds of people staring openmouthed at the door. There was nothing, just the same old people of Cardiff, carrying on with their normal lives, not realising a short, average looking welsh girl had just rescued some stranded fairies. The cold of the September evening hit me and I shoved my hands deep into my pockets as I sauntered back towards the bookstore. I could feel something cold and metallic in my pocket, pulling the alien object out, I found my Ipod, as good as new. Upon unlocking the Ipod, I discovered I had a new note saved. I opened it and smiled as I read; consider the debt, repaid

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