I never loved you

Harry had a bet, he had to date the class loser Megan. When the bet was over he dumped her hard. After that she changed her looks and uploaded videos of her singing on youtube. When Megan and Harry see each other again will Harry regret his decision, will he get another chance. Read to find out.


5. The video

Megan's pov

It's been a couple day since my incounter with Niall. I can't believe Zayn would do that to me and Harry, but it was the past. I have moved on and I no longer have feelings for Harry. Today was the day I was gonna upload a video of me singing on YouTube.

Harry's pov

I was laying in bed still crying over Megan, even though its been a couple days. I heard my door slowly open. I looked over to see Niall.

"What?" I didn't want to talk to anyone. I just wanted to die.

"I saw Megan the other day at the mall." I popped up when I heard her name.

"She is so different. She dyed her hair blonde with the ends hot pink. She looks beautiful. She said shes changing cause everyone told her she was ugly and she just wanted to feel pretty."

"But she was beautiful. I messed up, Niall you got to help me get her back."

2 years later (Still Harry's pov)

Me and the lads were walking down the red carpet when I catch a glimpse of a fimiliar face. As we got closer we heard her getting inteviewed.

"So Megan, your up against One Direction, are you scared your gonna lose?"

"No, I have confiedence that I will beat them tonight. I acutally know them, were old friends from high school."

"Did you date any of them?"

"I did, I dated Harry Styles for 3 months, but it was just a stupid dare from Zayn." I can't believe it was "my' Megan.

"Niall, it's Megan."

"What?!? Where?!?" I pointed at her. She was so beautiful, I'm glad I found her.:)

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