I never loved you

Harry had a bet, he had to date the class loser Megan. When the bet was over he dumped her hard. After that she changed her looks and uploaded videos of her singing on youtube. When Megan and Harry see each other again will Harry regret his decision, will he get another chance. Read to find out.


9. After party

Megan's pov

I was at this huge after party, sadly Harry wouldn't go away. His bright green orbs were full of pain and sorrow toward me, but he should've gotten over me. Then a light bulb went off in my head, I know Harry is the jealous type, so this should drive him crazy!!

Niall's pov

I was talking to Channing Tatum. He was a really great actor. No homo guys. I saw Megan with her dance crew, they all had evil smiles. This must be good. Then the dance floor was cleared and they walked out. When she said she was dancing tonight guess this is what she meant. They started playing apple bottom jeans. While she was dancing, she was so flexible, she was amazing. The whole club was starring at her. But the dress she was dancing in was kinda short but I guess thats what she was going for.

After that song ended pop lock and drop it came blaring and the girls grabbed guys, Megan grabbed me. This was going to be good.

Megan's pov

This dance was gonna be fun, even more fun knowing that I like Niall, and his face lit up when I grabbed him. I told the girls to grind and get Harry's attention anyway possible. I started grinding on Niall and his hands were on my waist. My arms went around his neck. Then out of nowhere we pulled apart and he slapped my bum. I gasped, every girl did there own thing to get Harry's attention. I saw his face in tears and in rage. He was gonna kill Niall.

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