Wings on the Horizon

Fourteen year old Jeremy lives in a bustling English city, dreaming of escape. He doesn’t enjoy seeing the drab grey skyscrapers and hearing noisy neighbours argue every day, he would rather live out in the country under an open sky. One day while out walking he spots something in the sky line that doesn’t belong there, something almost as big as an aeroplane and rather more dangerous.
This is Jeremy’s story, a story of friendship, trust and believing in yourself, even when no one else does.


4. Wings on the Horizon

It was deep into the night by the time we actually managed to bandage up Sandy's damaged wing, the result looked rather odd but it did it served its purpose well. "She looks a lot happier now." sniffed Dee; she had only just stopped crying moments earlier. Sandy gave a low squawk in agreement.

"Yes...I'm sure she will be up and flying again in no time." I answer in what I hope is an enthusiastic tone; somehow I know this isn't going to be the last time I ever see Sandy.


In the months that followed that faithful night myself and Dee nursed Sandy back to health, keeping her feathers clean, feeding her food we'd each managed to sneak from home and ensuring she had enough exercise. Now, once more in the gathering darkness, on this cold December night it was time to say goodbye.

Dee was waiting for me at the door to the roof, I hardly recognised her with her hat pulled down to her ears and her oversized coat, all designed to keep out the winter chill. In unspoken agreement we solemnly made our way out into the light of the stars.

Even in the darkness you could see Sandy's condition was much improved, she kept her head held up high always watching and her sandstone feathers seemed to shine as if in they were bathed in candle light.

"I think Sandy knows its time, Dee." I comment as Sandy paws the ground, I'm not the kind of person to get emotional but my eyes definitely stung that night.

"I know..." Dee sighs with a look halfway between despair and joy on her face. "Goodbye Sandy..."

"Don't fly into anymore planes." I add with a shaky laugh.

Sandy looks at both of us one last time before turning in a full circle to take her leap into the air at a run. As graceful as a tiger she gallops purposely and flies clean into the inky sky. The last we know of her is one loud jubilant hoot as she journeys off on a new adventure. We stand watching, holding hands, until Sandy is no more than a memory; a memory of wings on the horizon.

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