Wings on the Horizon

Fourteen year old Jeremy lives in a bustling English city, dreaming of escape. He doesn’t enjoy seeing the drab grey skyscrapers and hearing noisy neighbours argue every day, he would rather live out in the country under an open sky. One day while out walking he spots something in the sky line that doesn’t belong there, something almost as big as an aeroplane and rather more dangerous.
This is Jeremy’s story, a story of friendship, trust and believing in yourself, even when no one else does.


3. A Friend In Need

I made my way through the now crowded streets, it seemed like the whole city had poured out to get a look at what was happening. I eventually manage to slip past a rather tubby elderly lady, into a deserted back ally and break into a flat out run; I’m determined to know the truth. On and on I run past puddles outside quiet shops sticking to the backstreets, much too soon I could feel the burn of pain in my legs but I have to keep going so I force myself to run on.

Finally, I skid to a halt, panting like mad, outside a tall deserted block of flats; almost every window I can see is broken or boarded up and covered with graffiti. Even though there isn’t more than a slight breeze I’m shivering, something about the place just screams unsafe as clear as if it had a neon sign above it proclaiming just that.

You’ve come this turning back now. I think as I tentatively climb up the fitly steps and enter the building. Once inside it’s almost too dark to see and as I make my way towards the stairs and the roof I’m sure I can hear something moving in the gloom.

As I reach the last corridor a figure steps out of the shadows of a nearby door and I stop dead. “Jeremy? What are you doing here?” asks a familiar voice in faltering tones. The figure in the doorway is Dee, with her long black hair pulled back and a very confused expression on her face.

“W...What do you mean what am I doing here? What are you doing?” I ask, my voice going up a few octaves in fright. I’ve never seen Dee’s house but I seriously doubt she lives here.

“I...It’s my friend...” wailed Dee as tears flowed in great waves from her eyes. “We have to help her...”

“Dee...calm down please, how can your friend be here, this place is deserted.” I answer as I walk towards her wishing I had some way to comfort her.

“Follow me; I have something to show you.” Dee said before turning towards the door to the roof at the end of the hall. Dumfounded I obey.

With a creak Dee pushes the door open and with a finger to her lips indicating I should be quiet she steps aside. For the second time tonight my mouth hangs open. Sat in the glow of the full moon and lights from nearby buildings is a griffin. Its eagle head turns in my direction the second I step through the door; it flicks its tail threateningly then returns its attention to nudging its wing gingerly. “D-Dee, are you sure this is safe?” I whisper, unable to contain myself.

“Yes, she won’t hurt you.” Dee stated before walking slowly towards her friend. “Sandy, this is Jeremy, he’s a friend. Ok?” she told the griffin, talking to it as you might a cat. Sandy appeared to nod at this and Dee motioned me over. Curiosity overrode my natural desire to run and I found myself standing at Dee’s side looking into Sandy’s intelligent green eyes.

“Her’s broken.” I gasp noticing it sticking out at an odd angle.

“Yes, she tried to fight a plane.” Laughed Dee sounding anything but happy, “Well, not really...but that’s why the jet almost went down before.”

“And...How can I help?” I ask afraid, for all I know Dee might try to feed me to her friend.

“By helping me bind her wing so it heals properly!” exclaims Dee as if reading my mind.

“Oh, of course, that makes sense.” I laugh.

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