Wings on the Horizon

Fourteen year old Jeremy lives in a bustling English city, dreaming of escape. He doesn’t enjoy seeing the drab grey skyscrapers and hearing noisy neighbours argue every day, he would rather live out in the country under an open sky. One day while out walking he spots something in the sky line that doesn’t belong there, something almost as big as an aeroplane and rather more dangerous.
This is Jeremy’s story, a story of friendship, trust and believing in yourself, even when no one else does.


1. A Dot in the Sky

“Please, Griffins in this city? You must be joking, Jess.” Exclaimed Dale incredulously, for all he was my best friend he just wouldn’t believe me when I told him what I’d seen just this morning. Jess is the nickname my friends use, my real name however, is Jeremy.

 I had been walking through the quiet streets of our city, past the few early morning commuters and into one of the many local newsagents when I heard it; the soft fluttering of wings. I snapped my head upwards, determined to locate the source of the noise, but the sun was in my eyes causing me to squint. I know it sounds crazy, believe me I do, but I swear it looked like an enormous eagle with four flew off quickly in the direction of a run down high-rise a few blocks away, it was as if it knew I was watching and didn’t like the idea.

“I know what I saw Dale.” I insist with a sigh even though I know it’s hopeless, I’d have a better chance convincing him dragons are nesting in Durham Cathedral.

“Whatever dude.” Dale said effectively ending the discussion. “Are we going to meet the gang or not?” ‘The gang’ consists of yours truly, Dale, Elgin a rather weedy looking boy we befriended a few years back and Dee a girl in our school class who recently began tagging along with us. We tend to hang out in the skate park, which coincidently is where we were heading now.

“You know what, I don’t feel like go.” I snap, suddenly very angry for some reason. “I’ll see you later.” And with that I turned round and began walking purposely in the opposite direction despite having no clear destination in mind. All I could think about was sandstone coloured feathers, I know what I saw and I will find a way to prove it.

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