The Shalkyries

'The city that never sleeps, soon to be the city that never wakes.'

The Shalkyries have been living right under the nose of humans for decades, plotting their fatal attack. What happens when they finally decide to take their revenge? Will anyone be able to stop them?


3. The Guardian

Adrianna hastily ducked down behind a large metal box and stayed quiet. Footsteps echoed round the room, one after the other as the other being walked into the room.

‘Adrianna’ came a deep male voice in a tempting tone. ‘I know you’re in here. I know what you’re doing. And I know who you are.’

Adrianna tried to get a steady position to look round the box towards the door.  For the first time in her life, she felt slightly scared. Who was this man? What did he want? How did he know of the Shalkyries and their plan?

‘Come with me and there won’t be any trouble. If you resist, I will have to take action.’ Came the profound voice again.

‘I can take him,’ Adrianna said to herself. ‘I am a Shalkyrie. Just burn him and get this over and done with.’ She peered towards her watch. It was 10:40 already. She only had 5 minutes to break the suspension. Would have been plenty of time if she hadn’t been interrupted.

‘Adrianna, come now or I will be forced to attack.’ Said the man again. Threatening her more and more.

Adrianna hesitated but couldn’t help herself and called out. ‘What are you?’ For a moment nothing but the sound of the heavy machinery could be heard.

‘You know what I am Adrianna. Don’t you remember? The Silent War?’

‘The Silent War’ was a momentous war between the Shalkyries and the Guardians. The Guardians are a select group of angels who have been assigned for the protection of humans. Ever since their birth they have been living secretly in harmony with the human race. In fact a quarter of the supposed human population aren’t actually humans, they are Guardians.

The Shalkyries have hated the humans ever since their existence. They see earth as their planet and the fact that the humans have inhabited it is thought of as an attack. Of course though, there is something in their way of simply wiping out the entire human race, the Guardians. So decades ago, a historic war took place between the Shalkyries, and the Guardians. It was fought long and hard, many men died in the battles that raged on. Both sides lost many and the bloodshed was so extreme. Of course, this whole battle had to take place under the noses of the humans, hence the name ‘The Silent War’. Many of the main attacks had to be passed off as real life events in the real world. For example, The World Wars? They weren’t really world wars at all, that was one of the many battles between the Shalkyries and the Guardians. Eventually the Shalkyries shriveled back to practically none existence and gave up and for years have been living along side the human race waiting to plan their attack. Until now…

‘How do you know?’ asked Adrianna. There was no way the Guardians could have found out about their attack. The past had shown that Trying to get to the humans through the Guardians was nigh impossible, so this time, they were trying to work around them.

‘We have our spies.’ Came the deep booming voice again.

At that moment Adrianna jumped up from behind the box, propelling her hand towards the figure standing by the door. A huge ball of fire went forward and set fire to the door. Adrianna looked, but there was no one there.

‘Don’t think you can get me that easily do you?’ The Guardian said with a chuckle.

Adrianna quickly turned around in the direction of the talking. However the room was very noisy with all the machinery busy at work, and the voice of the man echoed in the stone cavern.

‘It looks like you’ve chosen the hard option.’

A blue light to the side of the room began to glow. Adrianna’s eyes widened as she jumped to the side and rolled under a wooden table to the side, just in time to miss the blue flaming ball that came driving toward her.

Adrianna closed her eyes for a second to regain some energy before standing up and propelling a yellow flame towards the Guardian.

The Guardian let out a piercing scream and fell to the hard stone floor. Adrianna quickly ran to the door, pulled it open and sprinted down the dark corridor, up the stairs and back onto the street where she leant over her knees to catch her breath. She looked to her left where she could see the London Eye was still turning. She glimpsed down at her watch, 10:47pm, too late. The attack had failed…

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