The Black Knight - The City Of Life & Death

Elizabeth a Princess casted upon many shadows, as she watches the dusk appear and leave. She remembers that not all Modern lives have to real, it could be anything. 'My name is Elizabeth IV' she whispered. Her cold breath made her feel like a frost dragon. Only she had been a little more fragile to be a dragon. She felt more like a Wyvern.

- Written By Luke J.R -

Movellas, 2013 [City Of Bones, 24 Hours Competition Entry]

(Good Luck, to everyone who has posted an Entry! You have my support) <3


3. The Hooded Secret


The Hooded Secret

Elizabeth felt the stranger’s hand. ‘I don’t feel anything’ she said. The stranger placed his right hand back on his hood. As he folded it back over his unknown face. ‘It’s a shame you don’t see my expressions. Because I’d be damned if you did’ he replied. He sounded serious, so Elizabeth caught onto his unusual behaviour. ‘Ha-ha, so you are serious?’ Elizabeth replied with a smile. Her white teeth shined through the darkness around her. ‘Wow… you’ll be damned. You actually caught onto that?’ He asked sarcastically. ‘Of course. I sort of expected it too…’ she replied. ‘Interesting, and you knew this all along?’ He scoffed. Elizabeth jumped back with her cheeks glowing red.

‘N-No. I sort of caught on with you.’ She replied, her red cheeks faded away before she could even smile. ‘So that’s it huh? You just presumed such expression?’ He replied. His voice sounded serious once again, and Elizabeth spoke with her voice of an angel. ‘So… you actually what?’ He asked. ‘Elizabeth’ He whispered. Elizabeth stepped back a few steps before asking him what he wants. ‘We’re standing here for what. And why are you-‘, she said. ‘Shut up’ He whispered, covering her mouth with his right hand. ‘I don’t feel anything’ He replied. She looked confused.

‘We are standing in a gold mine for you human.’ He replied. ‘Oh really?’ She asked. Her sarcasm started to bug the stranger a little. Elizabeth felt like being cheeky is an easy way to flirt with the people she loves. There was something about the stranger that she liked. The mysterious face, and the hood covering so many details. She wanted to know more, and flirting seemed to wash with the stranger better than she had first expected. ‘D-Don’t think I know what you’ll doing’ he said. Elizabeth looked confused again, she didn’t even know what he had said. ‘Just random words, huh?’ Elizabeth whispered. Placing her left hand around the stranger’s hood.

‘You’ll smiling. I can sense it all of a sudden.’ Elizabeth said. Her bright red cheeks returned, and a cheeky little grin arose on her face. ‘Ha-ha, you catch on pretty quickly’ he laughed. The stranger lifted down his hood once again, and asked her another question. ‘Do you love the ones you’ve lost…?’ He asked with a heart full of gold. Elizabeth took a deep breath before answering such a horrible question. ‘Of course. They were royal, royal people.’ She replied. The stranger laughed harder. ‘Ha-ha, No.’ He said. It didn’t really answer her reply. It had been a little random. Cold spirited is what I would have called it. It’s tragic really, and life threatening…

“Why is he asking me this?” She thought. The stranger let go of her left hand. He had his glowing red eyes on her body. ‘That’s your body…?’ He asked. Elizabeth giggled, she felt that the stranger was a creep. Although her thoughts had different ways of describing him. It had been a completely different story in her own little world. A fantasy that wish became a reality. “He is so loving, I’d love to have him as my final husband. Even if he doesn’t have a face” she thought. The stranger twisted his dark sleeves, and made Elizabeth cringe from hearing bones crackling. ‘Enjoying it?’ He asked.

‘Y-Yeah… I can see them.’ Elizabeth replied, her vision had changed a little. As she looked around she could see the tragic times in her life. She could even see the ones who had got lost in the city. ‘And all this modern’ she asked. The stranger didn’t reply, he moved his dark sleeves over her sweaty neck. ‘It’s an imagination come true for some.’ He replied. After a lot of thinking, she cried from the thoughts of seeing her father. ‘Feeding on the humanity.’ He whispered, his voice sounded different. As he had revealed his face once more. She could see something new, ‘Look’ he said. Elizabeth turned to face him, she was stunned. ‘Y-You look… exactly how I imagined…’ she replied.

Elizabeth’s eyes bubbled with popping sounds. Liquids mixed into her tears, sweat. She felt the need to rinse her hands. ‘And this is why I can’t let you go’ the stranger replied. His smile became crippled. The stranger’s motion in his sleeves caused him to make a horrible breathing sound. ‘Ah, Stop… It’s killing me. And you were one of them!’ He screamed, his voice sounded so demonic. It never sounded as she imagined. His face started to melt into a puddle of blood. Her hands felt rinsed… and she had failed to understand why it hadn't have been holy water.


She cried... every night in that city. That one spot, and hadn't remembered why this kingdom meant so much to her. The past never explained too well... and she hadn't ever thought of returning back to her true home...? This is the end for her, and she will live that day over and over. Because Life And Death - It never ends. The City is sacred, and unforgiving...

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