The Black Knight - The City Of Life & Death

Elizabeth a Princess casted upon many shadows, as she watches the dusk appear and leave. She remembers that not all Modern lives have to real, it could be anything. 'My name is Elizabeth IV' she whispered. Her cold breath made her feel like a frost dragon. Only she had been a little more fragile to be a dragon. She felt more like a Wyvern.

- Written By Luke J.R -

Movellas, 2013 [City Of Bones, 24 Hours Competition Entry]

(Good Luck, to everyone who has posted an Entry! You have my support) <3


2. Hooded Trespassing


Hooded Trespassing

Slowly awoken, Elizabeth had been out cold for just over an hour. The smell of caramel rotting with some kind of milk drying into the substances that already stunk. Her red closed lips touched the tip of her white teeth. She had awoken next to a trash area. It looked as if she had been thrown out in some kind of dump. After she had seen the state of the place, she brought her legs from the ground and raised back onto her feet with a drunken looking smile. ‘Sorry…’ she whispered.

‘Ha-ha, you've awoken…’ the stranger spoke, his voice sounded harmful, but the rang with insanity. As if he was under her skin causing a silent but deadly kill. Dripping out slight saliva, her eyes twitched from the smell of rotting meat. ‘Y-Yes…’ Elizabeth replied. Slowly dragging herself across the dirty foul ground. It had all become too much for her, rotting corpses. Rotting meat, and more importantly… the city’s trash. All of this toxic wasteland like items lost and most likely never need to be found. Unless it’s an accident…?

‘Why… are you doing this?’ Elizabeth asked. Her drunk face started to show, she rocked side to side in a dizzy looking motion. Her long brown hair rolling down her back. She could feel the toxic smells and substances damaging her health. ‘B-Because… I'm not what you want.’ He replied. The stranger’s hood began to glow a bright red colour. Beneath the hood’s material, Elizabeth could no longer see any facial features. All though she could see dark red eyes glowing through the shadows. ‘It’s like a light.’ Elizabeth mumbled. ‘Ha-ha, Yes.’ The stranger replied with an unusual laugh.

‘Y-You and your city-‘, the stranger continued. His voice sounded a little darker than their first encounter. Elizabeth trembled in a little fear. Her oxygen level felt low, could it be that all this toxic background is making her feel sick? Whether it was true or not. Elizabeth coughed dramatically. She pushed down hard on her chest, inhaling the tastes of a corpse. She mentioned to herself, “I can breathe all this in. And possibly give up smoking…” Elizabeth giggled to herself. ‘Do you see any difference yet?’ The stranger asked. His random question came out of nowhere. Elizabeth felt overwhelmed to answering such a question. ‘Do you…?’ She replied with a clever smile.

‘Ah… I see, so you don’t notice the skeletons?’ The stranger said. His voice croaked as he finished his sentence. “That wasn't a question?” Elizabeth thought to herself. ‘I only see corpses. And I can see the matters to why there’s trash here’ Elizabeth replied. The stranger coughed deeply. He croaked once more whilst revealing his face to her. ‘What do you see?’ He asked. “I don’t see anything” Elizabeth thought to herself. ‘I see… I see… I can see a beautiful man in front of me’ Elizabeth decided to tell a little white lie. Her lie however didn't wash too well with the hooded stranger.

‘Ha-ha. Of course you can see that… this place is no ordinary dump’ the stranger laughed. ‘So you don’t think you’re beautiful’ Elizabeth asked. Her clever little act made her sound fascinating to the stranger. ‘Y-You enlighten me… you really do’ he replied. His voice croaked once again. His voice deepened as he held Elizabeth’s left hand. ‘Imagine this. A dark place, and a place where many go’ 

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