The Black Knight - The City Of Life & Death

Elizabeth a Princess casted upon many shadows, as she watches the dusk appear and leave. She remembers that not all Modern lives have to real, it could be anything. 'My name is Elizabeth IV' she whispered. Her cold breath made her feel like a frost dragon. Only she had been a little more fragile to be a dragon. She felt more like a Wyvern.

- Written By Luke J.R -

Movellas, 2013 [City Of Bones, 24 Hours Competition Entry]

(Good Luck, to everyone who has posted an Entry! You have my support) <3


1. City Of Life and Death


City Of Life and Death

The dusk that passes by each day, it made the evil forces rise from an old kingdom that had once been ashes. Beneath all those disasters that had happened in the past… there was still something in the undergrowth. A city of some sort, wrecked and broken down into fossil like rocks. Human’s skeletons hanged on a line of thread, and all you would see is an endangered life everywhere you look. So what made this place so unforgiving? Nothing really, it had been just like any other City in the Underworld. Due to masses of deaths, it had become a hazard to go near such place.

‘Elizabeth, Your majesty. Is there any slight chance of having a summer’s day?’ a young man said. His clothing had been a thick robe, with a dark hood covering his face like an eclipse. His mind scuffled, it had been fighting too many battles that required brain power. ‘Ha-ha, the night is still young my dear. I wouldn’t be so pleased if I was you’ Elizabeth said. Her voice sounded very royal, and her dark blue eyes gleamed through all the darkness around them. Elizabeth tightened the man’s hood. He coughed from the dust leaking out of his sleeves. ‘I’m sorry.’ He excused himself.

Breaking away slowly, the remaining walls around them started to crumble a little. Soft plastered clay slid off the wretched roofs. Due to some of the warriors having allergies to dust, it had made them sneeze a little more than first expected. Dust in the wind, now that’s an idea. Breaking away even quicker than the walls had been Elizabeth’s beating heart. Thanks to many of her ex’s – she had almost become pregnant. She had been used as a female like mother to keep their kingdom living. The changes that arose in the past had become so obvious in the present they live in.

Underneath the shaking man’s hood. His face still hidden in a shadow. ‘Take off that hood-‘, Elizabeth demanded. Tightly tugging on the man’s hood. ‘Back off!’ He urged. Elizabeth stepped back from her position. No longer near the hooded man. ‘Ever heard of privacy?’ The man replied. Elizabeth stepped up to a second stone cased step. ‘Shut up’ she whispered. As she pulled on her long white skirt, she tugged it across the dusty ground. Small amounts of rubble being carried away by her slight movement. ‘Guards, take this man to the dungeon’ Elizabeth instructed.

After hearing Elizabeth, the complete stranger the hooded man never knew. He started to laugh more than he had shouted. ‘Ha-ha’, he giggled even more. Elizabeth’s facial expression changed to an even angrier expression. ‘Why don’t you just-‘, Elizabeth paused. ‘Leave…?’ The hooded man said. He had finished off Elizabeth’s sentence with no hesitation. ‘Leaving…?’ Elizabeth asked. The hooded man finally pulled his hood down, as he had revealed someone’s face. ‘Welcome home’ he whispered. The face could not be seen too well, Elizabeth fainted from the sight of the stranger.

‘Rest in peace darling, I’m sure you’ll wake up one day.’ The stranger said. His voice sounded like it had distortion. Elizabeth’s almost lifeless body dropped onto the solid ground. Her bare feet paved across the first stone cased step slowly. Her dark blue eyes were no longer seen, and the stranger laughed hysterically. Nothing had been said as a joke though…


(569 Words) [Chapter 1] 



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