The Witch Hunter

A Witch Hunter tracks her target, a murderer, in Liverpool city center.

Part of the 24 hours in the city of bones competition, my first movella


1. The Guild

Astrid Varlgen wore a long, grass green coat, the tails trailed along the ground as she swept down bold street. She had not yet had the chance to fully enjoy the city of Liverpool, to see the sights like the liver bird, Albert docks and the cavern club, go on a shopping spree across the city centre or have a ride on the open top bus. It all sounded rather fun to her, but fun would have to wait. When you’re hunting a highly dangerous murderer, fun often has to wait.

It had been Astrid’s job for nearly 10 years to hunt murderers, in particular, Witches. The magic community was very much like the mortal one, you have the good people and the people who have turned to bad. To those people, one of the options they wish to pursue is crime. Murder.

Instead of leaving it the mortal government to clean up, a guild was created who tracked down these witches and brought them to justice. The guild was simply called ‘The Witch Hunters’. The guild was responsible for cleaning up the mess made the small amount of witches and bring them to justice. You also had to be a witch to join the guild, they fought magic… with magic. Astrid belonged to the guild.

The killer Astrid hunted on this particular day was guilty of the murders of an entire warlock family. It was believed that the family had in got into a nasty fight with the witches mother, resulting in her burning down the family’s home. The worst part is that when the eldest son escaped from the house, having just watched his mother, father and little sister burn, he was met by the witch who struck him down where he stood. The bodies had been found by the smoking ruins a few hours after, the witch had long fled. The witches name was Vesta Lahar.

Bold street was busy as it always was, Astrid walked among the shoppers as they progressed down the street. People veered off left and right when they saw a shop they were interested in. Astrid examined each person very carefully, searching for Vesta. In a way, Astrid hoped she never found her. Many years before Astrid had been recruited by the guild for her incredible combat magic skills, Vesta had been Astrid’s best friend. They had lived next door to each other, always in each other’s houses. Vesta had been like a sister to her. But when Astrid joined the guild, she was from then travelling around the UK, completing mission and delivering justice. Astrid and Vesta had drifted apart, for Astrid rarely went home, there was never any time to see each other. Also, Vesta had developed an interest in black magic. Such vile powers were forbidden, it has taken Astrid everything not to turn her former best friend in. if any found out, it would cost Astrid her job! Another reason that would make it easier for Astrid to kill Vesta, to complete the task she dreaded doing.

And then Astrid saw her. The bright red hair same into the crowd from a coffee shop, she was walking towards Astrid. When Vesta finally came into full view, it saddened Astrid to see how awful she looked. Vesta’s hair was in down, the red tainted with dirt. Her face was wild, her teeth bared. Her brown eyes looked as though they could see into your soul. The long, blood red dress that Vesta was wearing was tattered at the end, she looked freezing. The look of anger on her face turned to fear when Vesta saw Astrid. She stared at her for a moment, in shock, for she knew that this was no coincidence. Vesta knew what Astrid was there to do. After another second of staring, Vesta turned and ran to the nearest exit out of the street and disappeared around the corner.

Astrid followed in pursuit, gaining on her target.


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