The Witch Hunter

A Witch Hunter tracks her target, a murderer, in Liverpool city center.

Part of the 24 hours in the city of bones competition, my first movella


2. The Fight

Astrid knew that things were going to be a lot messier then intended when the first car skidded and started flipping towards her. Astrid had followed Vesta through a cut off in bold street, they were now running down Seals street. In an desperate attempt to get rid of her hunter, Vesta took control of a car with her mind and flipped it, causing it to go off course, skidding towards Astrid who deflected it to the side, making sure it landed upright on the pavement. The car was beat up, but she was sure the people inside were ok. As Astrid sped up, the glass windows next to her shattered, spraying shards of glass in her face. She screamed in pain as the shards cut into her skin. A hatred for Vesta rose up inside of her.

It was time for her to unleash her full magic on Vesta, that was only was to stop other people getting hurt. Magic was a powerful thing, those with magic have the ability to do anything they desire. The witch will imagine and visualise what spell they want to preform, then it will simply happen. Magic corrupted people very easily, such power often proves too much for some people.

Astrid needed to kill Vesta, that was the penalty for murder. The sooner the better. It was with this thought that Astrid sent a pulsing blue light towards Vesta. The spell caught her in the back, she froze on the spot. As Astrid came closer and closer to her, she pictured Vesta burning were she stood. As soon as the ball of fire formed in Astrid’s hand, she sent it soaring towards Vesta. Inches away from her, it suddenly exploded, curving around Vesta. Vesta had deflected the spell and used the fire to burn away the spell that held her.

“ASTRID! PLEASE! IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!” Vesta shouted, almost pleading. Astrid felt pity for a moment for her old friend, then remembered that family who had burned at the evil woman’s hand.

“There is no other way Vesta!” Astrid choked back. Vesta cursed and started to run again. Instead of wasting more of her energy, Astrid took out a small crystal she had in her pocket. The crystal was purple and beautiful. Astrid held it in her hand for a moment, then felt herself lift into the air… then drop down again. The teleporting stone was very rare, used only by certain members of the guild. It was a power you earned, and Astrid had earned it. The downside was that the stone only had enough power for 1 more teleport. Astrid would have choose that moment carefully.

She had appeared across the road from where Vesta was about to run out of Seals street .  She was standing on one side of some traffic lights, surrounded by people. As Astrid put the stone back into her pocket, she summoned another fire ball. The people around her gasped and watched. Most people did know about magic, there were too many signs for people to ignore anymore. Even though most people knew it exsisted, less had actually seen it work.

As Vesta whirled around the corner, the fire spell caught her in the face. Vesta roared out in agony, her hair caught alight. She thrashed her arms madly, hitting the walls and railings. People around her ran out of the way quickly, keeping clear of the flaming maniac. Others watched in horror before turning and glaring out of disgust at Astrid. They didn’t know what Vesta had done, that Astrid was the good guy! And they would never know…

Astrid hoped for it all to end when Vesta, blinded, staggered into the road. A bus was approaching fast, it was heaving with people, a double decker. The driver pulled the brakes hard, the bus screeched to a stop in front of Vesta. Then, Vesta did something awful.

Vesta placed both hands on her head, they burned for a second. When Vesta took her hands from her head, the flames came with her, getting dragged from her head, taken from her burnt hair, until it twisted and whirled around her two hands. She aimed on her new fire projectiles at Astrid, who jumped out of the way, she felt the intense heat of the flames as they flew past her then smashing into the shop behind her. Vesta aimed the other projectile… at the bus. She launched the spell and the flames caught the bus in their grasp. The fire travelled down the bus, breaking the windows after it heated them to the point where they couldn’t stand it anymore. The people on the bus screamed, overwhelmed by the heat. When the bus was nothing but a shell consumed by the flames, it exploded.

Whilst the bus burnt, Astrid kept trying to control the flames and would have… if it hadn’t been for Vesta. The evil Witch repeatedly blasted spells at her, until Astrid too became overwhelmed by the many spells Vesta cast at her.

The bus exploded, taking out many of the cars that hadn’t managed to get away from it. Three police cars screeched around the corner, the came to a stop behind the burnt out bus. 10 officers jumped out with guns in their hands.

“ON THE GROUND!” one of them screamed. Vesta turned when she heard this. She could have easily taken them all out but decided to turn and run. Astrid got to her feet and took of the long coat she was wearing. The coat had all but been destroyed by Vesta, Astrid felt a bit freer without it. Astrid ran after Vesta with a new found, burning rage.

She had loved that coat.

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