The Witch Hunter

A Witch Hunter tracks her target, a murderer, in Liverpool city center.

Part of the 24 hours in the city of bones competition, my first movella


3. The End

Vesta had disappeared. Astrid was searching through the crowd, pushing some people out of the way. You would think Astrid would be able to find Vesta easily, her face had been burnt so now it was nothing but charred skin. She was proving to be very hard to find.

Astrid searched the city centre for hours, checking in shops and restraunts. She ran through the streets for hours, searching for what seemed like an eternity.

Just when it was going dark, Astrid found herself on the top floor of Liverpool 1, in chavasse park, when she saw her ahead, standing in the middle of the park. In the middle of some grass, there was a glass circle on the ground. The idea was that you could stand on the glass and look down to see the long drop towards the ground floor of the car park for the shopping centre. Vesta was standing on the middle of the glass, crying. The park had cleared of people, there was only Vesta and Astrid. Vesta wailed loudly.

“Astrid!” she screamed, “I know you’re there, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean all the horrible things I did! That family, the bus, the car… but I know that it can’t go unpunished. If you’re going to kill me, kill me now.” Vesta sunk to the ground as Astrid approached. Suddenly, Vesta screamed and thrust her hand towards Astrid. Astrid was picked up and flew towards Vesta. She smacked down hard, they were both now on the glass.

“VESTA!” Astrid started, Vesta grabbed her hand and whispered, “If I die, you die with me…” the glass they were lying on began to crack. Astrid struggled desperately to get free, but was too late. When she finally freed her hand, the glass smashed and they started to fall.

Vesta screamed in a demented way, the wind blowing her burnt hair, whilst Astrid struggled to get something out of her pocket. When she finally freed it, she glanced at Vesta. And then she vanished, appearing in the park again. She heard the thud as Vesta hit the bottom of the fall. Astrid gave a sigh of relief and fell to the ground. It was over, she was done. Astrid promised to reward herself the next day by having a well-earned ride on the yellow duck-marine.


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