One Summer

Bella Quinn just turned 18 and is super excited to have freedom. She immediately takes a summer trip with 3 of her good friends to a hotel near a beach in California. Bella knows that there will be plenty of good looking boys who will come across her path, but what she doesn't know is how hard she'll fall for one.


2. The Beach<3

Finally, I can relax for awhile and enjoy the sun. I lay my towel down in the sand next to Ashlyn's. 

"Are you gonna get a sun tattoo?" Ash asks.

"Sure, why not. Pass me the sunscreen." I grab the sunscreen bottle from Ash and I squeeze a little bit onto my hip in the shape of a heart. Ash does the same, and so does Aubrey. Kylie is too focused on the guys playing frisbee nearby to even notice that we're all doing sun tattoos. We don't bother to bring it to her attention. 

I rest my head down and sprawl my body across the towel. Today I'm really going to soak up the sun. I let out a long sigh and close my eyes for a few minutes before I put my headphones in and turn on 'Do You Remember' by Jay Sean. Next 'Radio' by Hot Chelle Rae plays and after that 'Top of The World' by The Cataracs. I get so lost in my thoughts that I don't even notice what song comes on next. Right as I'm about to fall asleep in the sand, something hits my legs. Hard. 

I sit up fast and my headphones rip out of my ears. I shriek when I see a good looking boy basically laying on my legs.

"I GOT IT!" He looks back at his friends at raises a frisbee above his head.

"Excuse me!" I say, being my sassy self. 

"You're excused." He stands up and brushes the sand off his trunks, getting it all over me. I stand up next to him and put my hands on my hips.

"I believe someone owes me an apology for crushing my legs and ruining my relaxation day." I demand.

"Oh, I'm sorry... that you're being such a pussy about it." He winks at me at throws the frisbee back to one of his friends. I watch him run away with my mouth hanging open. I look over at Aubrey who is also looking at the boy in shock.

"Bre, did you see that? What the hell!" I say, sitting back down on my towel.

"Yeah, what a jerk!" She says without looking away.

"But damn, he's hot." Kylie adds. Ashlyn is still laying peacefully with her headphones in.

Whatever, I can still have a good, relaxing day. I look down at my sun tattoo. Its ruined. I wipe it away to see that it worked a little bit. I roll my eyes and lay back down on my towel.


the next day


"What are we doing today, ladies?" I ask as I join the other 3 girls at the table with a bowl of reeses puffs.

"Can we go surfing?!" Kylie asks with her mouth full of Lucky Charms.

"Yeah!" Ash agrees.

"I'm in!" Aubrey says.

"Alright." We finish our breakfast making small talk about the weather, last nights episode of 'The Bachelorette', and that jerk from yesterday.

"He could've at least apologized properly! What did I ever do to him?" I say.

"Aye, he was smoking. You should've flirted. If you don't, I will." Kylie smirked. I know that smirk. It's the 'I'm gonna get what I want' smirk.

"Kylie, he was a jerk. He doesn't deserve Bella." Aubrey speaks up.

"Thanks, Bre." I blow her a kiss and continue eating my cereal.


When we're all finished, we get in our bikinis and get our stuff ready.

"Shall we?" Ashlyn opens the door for us.


"Hi! We'd like a surfing lesson." Kylie says to the guy at the surfing shack. He looks up and connects eyes with Ashlyn.

"Of course. I can teach you myself." He's talking to Kylie, but doesn't break eye contact with Ashlyn. He smiles a bit and looks back down at his papers. He has longish brown skater boy hair and bright blue eyes. Not to mention, he's shirtless revealing his perfect six pack. 

"Four surfboards to rent, that'll be a hundred dollars." He looks back up at Kylie this time, but glances at Ash every once in awhile.

"Damn, that's kinda cheap." Ky says, handing him her credit card.

Once we have our surfboards and we're ready to go, Trent (the surf instructor guy) attaches that anklet thing on the surfboard (lol sorry I dunno much about surfing) to our ankles.

"Ready to go?" He asks.

"Yep!" We all say.

We paddle out in the ocean on our stomachs, making small talk with Trent. It turns out he's lived here his whole life and he's been surfing for ten years. It's his passion.

His mom lives in Colorado, so he goes there sometimes in the winter to snowboard.

"You guys should come out there with me sometime! I'll teach you how to snowboard, free of charge." Trent winks at Ashlyn and she giggles quietly. I can tell she's enjoying him flirting with her. I can tell that Kylie is a little bit jealous, since she usually gets all the guys when all four of us are hanging out.

When we get far enough into the water to catch some waves, Trent decides to takes each of us one at a time.

"How about we start off with you, gorgeous." He winks at Ashlyn. "What was your name again?"

"Ashlyn." She smiles without teeth.

"Thats beautiful." He paddles near her and tells her something before padding a little farther into the ocean with her. Trent looks back at us. "If a wave comes, point the front of your board down a little and ride under the wave." I nod at him in approval, and he heads off with Ashlyn.

"Wow, is Ash really gonna go for him? He's not even cute." Kylie lies. Trent is perfect. He's beyond cute. Kylie is so jealous. She's kind of a bitch, but oh well. "I'm going next, guys. Should I flash him?" Aubrey and I look at each other in disgust. Obviously he likes Ashlyn.

"No." Aubrey finally says. Kylie makes kind of a "Hmph" noise.

After a bit of waiting, a wave finally comes and we watch Ashlyn fail at riding it while Trent rides it flawlessly. When they return, laughing, Trent asks who wants to go next.

"Me!" Kylie raises one of her hands and uses her other hand to lightly run her fingers through her long hair a couple times before she paddles along side with him. 

"Your name is?" He asks.

"Kylie." She flutters her eyelashes.

"Oh, haha, that's my moms name!" He chuckles. I hear her groan and I know she's just thinking "oh god."

Soon, they're too far away to hear what they're saying. 

"How was it?" I ask Ash.

"Amazing! Even though I failed epically, haha. Trent's really sweet!"

"Yeah.. he is." 

It doesn't take long for another big wave to come. Of course, Kylie stands up for the whole wave. She's a bit shaky, but she lasts. 

Next, it's my turn. As we paddle out there, Trent attempts to make small talk with me.

"So, I hear you guys are from Indiana?" He says with a smile. 

"That right! It's quite boring over there."

"I'm sure it's not! I went to Indianapolis once."

"That's where we live! Why were you there?"

"My dad had some sort of meeting there for work and he figured he would take the whole family with."

"Oh, that's nice." We sit up on our boards and wait for a wave. I sigh.

"Are you okay?" He asks.

"What? Oh, yeah!" I realize I've been staring blankly at the ocean. 

"You scared about sharks? Don't worry, they probably won't go for skinny meat like you."

I let out a small shriek and freak out a little bit. Trent laughs.

"I was just kidding. There haven't been any report of sharks out here before." All of a sudden, a huge wave forms in the distance. "Wow, that's perfect!" We paddle a little more until it gets closer. "Once I tell you to, put both your knees on the board and paddle a little bit in my direction. When the wave is right under us, stand up and put your arms out to keep your balance." He mutters something else that I didn't quite catch, but I think I got this. 

The wave gets closer and closer and Trent finally tells me to get on my knees (hehe).

"That's what he said." i mutter to myself.

The time comes to stand up, and I do as told. At first, I'm sure that I'll fall off quickly, but it gets easier as the wave goes on. When we reach the end of the wave, Trent flashes me a thumbs up and jumps off his board into the ocean. I do the same. Yay I did it.


A/N: Hiiiii sorry this chapter sucks. It's late and I'm tired. I also apologize for the inappropriate humor up there lol. Leave a comment and tell me what you think! Thanksssss.

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